Sunday, April 19, 2009

400 thousands of Moldovans have been cloned in two months


PL, and AMN PLDM Wednesday showed the first evidence of fraud elections.
● In one of the voting locations in the district Hincesti the representatives of the three parties found in the sealed bags signed lists with voters that dated 6 March 2005. ● The three opposition leaders are inclined to believe between 10 and 30 percent of the vote overall was fixed. ● Over 100,000 fake ballot were printed.

After checking a few percent from the lists of voters, it was proved that 5166 people have voted in several voting locations, 3280 voting papers had the same code, 1600 people voted based on another document than their ID, 1000 signatures were counterfeited. Even the local authorities had their own lists of voters, a few days before the elections the Ministry of Information Development submitted its lists to the voting locations.

Alexandru Taran, who lives on the Ismail str., and Nicolae Ursu, resident on Sciusev str. have the same serial number on the ID - 01021324 A. These are just examples among the thousands on the electoral lists showed by PL, and PLDM AMN, who presented yesterday, a first set of arguments in favor of massive election fraud by the Communists. According to the three parties who deny the voting results of election from April 5, the fraud was in proportion of 30%.

Morarita Constantin Victor voted with identification numbers, that were determined to belong, in fact, to Maftiuc Alexander, born in 1918. In a village of 300 voters in the north of Moldova six people voted twice using different residence forms.

Over a hundred thousand identity cards

According to the three party leaders, Mihai Ghimpu Vlad Filat and Serafim Urecheanu, right before the elections the Ministry of Information Development (MID) issued over 100 thousand false IDs, which were provided to trustworthy communist people. Apart from that MID issued are also tens of thousands of residence forms, forms. 9, which replaced the IDs. After some inspections from three regions it was revealed that more than 3200 identification numbers belong to several persons. These facts prove, and the increase in population who have the right to vote the eve of elections.

Serafim Urecheanu reported that the lists compiled by the mayors were replaced at the last minute with lists from the MID, despite the fact that the CEC has recommended that the latter are only advisory. Urecheanu mentioned that awarding the Minister of the MID had a purpose, since he assured the link between the dead people and the communist party.

400 thousand Moldovans cloned

"On 17 March 2009 CEC approved the main list 2 549 804 voters. For information on the counting of votes ( that the main list in the elections of April 5 included 2 583 129 citizens, or 33 325 more people. In another official information from the CEC number of citizens included in the main list was 2 564 710. Based on which documents does the surplus of voters appear on the list?” rhetorically asked Veaceslav Negruta economic expert, who is PLDM candidate. Negruta reviewed all reports and demographics of recent years which show a negative natural growth. In addition to that, he said that the local elections in 2007 only 2 226 167 people voted... According to the Negrutza’s analysis population in RM has increased"out of the blue" in the last two months, with about 400 thousand citizens with the right vote. Besides this over one hundred thousand citizens voted on additional lists.

Fraud through the additional lists

Mihai Ghimpu said that until now 5000 people were found listed in the supplementary lists to different sections. Presidents of the three parties have said that most problems they had in Chisinau, where they wanted to copy the lists of voters. They added that they didn’t see any lists from Rascani district in the capital, where most of the fraud would have been commited. Nor did they have access to the lists of polling stations abroad to demonstrate the multiple votes. However, the strategies the communists used are already clear. Vasile Untila from Discova, Orhei, voted in Bucharest with his passport that was stamped "voted". However, he has voted once in the village, as indicated by the signature of the basic list.

Representatives PL, PLDM, AMN say that the big number of voters from electoral lists of more than 117 thousands of citizens had a role in the process of election fraud. They said that there is greater mobility in the large towns, where it could explain the large number of voters on these lists, but not in villages. In some places, such as Soloneţ, Soroca, the vote was mostly based on additional lists (the main list 461 voters were included, and in the additional lists - 334).

Lists of voters in 2005

In addition to these schemes the governing authorities allowed people to vote other documents than those provided by law, and like the driver's license or car registration certificate, and many lists do not include data from ID. In Rezina the voter lists were handwritten. In one polling district Hincesti representatives of the three parties found in the sealed bags signed voter lists dated 6 March 2005. Nobody can confirm or deny whether the votes were thrown into the results recorded four years ago.

Ghimpu said the cases are only "a beginning". The three parties will present the first evidence to the Constitutional Court and will ask for extending the period of verification of voters lists. "These schemes have been used in elections in 2005. We can say that PCRM uses democracy only to maintain its power and that that this party has never earned the trust of the population, "said Ghimpu. Equally, Urechean said that the April 5 election is a complete mockery towards the electoral system in Moldova.

Source: Timpul

Moldova. Truly has risen!


[Moldova. Truly has risen]

Threats. Beatings. Terror. The law of violence. Journalists, students or even high-schoolers kidnapped from the street. These are terrible images that have been spotted by those who have followed events in the last week in Moldova.

The way the police and Vladimir Voronin's speeches reacted to the events have reminded Romanians of the cruelty the anti-communists protesters were surpressed in University Square in Bucharest in 1990, and also of Ion Iliescu diversion and manipulation . This isn’t surprising, as Iliescu and Voronin as "scholars" of the same place - Moscow. Neither Romania nor EU says it can say they don’t know reality from Chisinau and can not be deceived by the lies of Voronin and his partners.

Surprising, therefore, is the lack of response and indifference from the Romanian authorities and the representatives of the European Union. The terror in Chisinau flagrantly violated the essential rights and freedoms of human rights and freedoms which, at least at the declaratory level, are the basic values of the European Union. A passive attitude in the face of these crimes is at the same time, evidence of cowardice, a denial of their own principles and, worse, a moral complicity with criminals from Chisinau.

Hundreds of thousands of Moldovan citizens are at the same time: Romanian citizens, and implicitly, Europeans. So what happens in Chisinau is a problem of Romania and the European Union. Both Romania and the European Union must get involved so that these rights and freedoms of citizens are protected and respected!

But regardless of politicians’ weaknesses, Romanian and European alike, of whose change their minds as the wind blows from Moscow, the young people who have conquered fear and went out on the street in Chisinau should know one thing: they are not alone!

Watching their courage demonstrated in the few days before the wholly Easter holidays, that we can say with certainty that Moldova has risen. It has risen, indeed!