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The reveolution in Moldova

After one week from the parliamentarian elections, the oposition leaders that wan the elections, Liberal Party, Liberal Democrat Party and Our Moldova Alliance, organised a protest against communist terror. These parties opted for the eliberation of unguilty students, beatten by police officers and being blamed for the violent actions, elimination of new visa regyme between Moldova and Romania (EU), the access to voters lists and organization of repeated elections.

Immediately after elections, thousands of young people protested the results of elections in front of the Presidency and the Parliament. For the Communist Party, about 50% of the population voted and only three oposition parties entered the parliament. This was a peceful protest, organised by civil society, Hyde Park and Think Moldova, supported by a journalist, Natalia Morar, expelled from the Russian Federation.

The next day, on April 7th, a group of 100 young people devastated the Presidency and Parliament. The Communist Party missuses the public TV to desinform citizens that these violent actions had been organised by the oposition.

The oposition political leaders denied that they could be the authors of the scenarium and blamed the communists for the diabolic plan of state overturn, for which the young people were used.

During the protstes of April 12th, the provocations from the Communist Party continued. A red bus tried to pass over the protestants, even if the roads were closed. Then, a lady went on front scene and sccused the oposition that her son was arrested. When the tention got seldom, she yelled that Iurie Rosca is the authentic leader. (Leader of Christian Democrat Party).

The Moldovan citizens will only know the frauds after Easter. The ballots started to be recounted and the access to the voters lists have not been facilitated by the Central Electoral Commission, under a decision taken by the Court of Apeal.

Source : Natalia Ghilaşcu

Shocking evidence about Voronin's regime of horror

Terror continues


Radu Lungu from Chişinău was arrested today for the second time after he was released and was getting I.V. (intravenous medication) because of the beatings he had gotten earlier in the week.
Radu’s lawyer told us that he was detained on 7 April and taken by the police to the Parliament’s garage, where he was cruelly beaten along with other young people. In about 2 hours he was transferred with a Mercedes to the police station in Buiucani, where he had his hands tied up with the belt of his own pants and kneeled down for several hours.
Radu said that he was beaten less than the others, because "I didn’t have a drawn flag on my cheek” and those who had a drawn flag were beaten until you can no longer see any trace of design.
During the night he was forced to sign some documents which he didn’t read, and in the morning he was allowed to leave, but they took away his ID as well as all the money he had- 50 lei.
As he got home, he felt sick because of beatings and was consulted by a doctor, who indicated perfusion daily.
Today, the Buiucani Prosecutor called him and asked him to come for a discussion. Radu asked if it is a summons and was told that "phone call is like a summons". He went to the station and was detained for 72 hours, being transferred to the General Police Station.
Radu’s lawyer said that he was not able today to get the needed medical assistance and can not possibly be get tomorrow either.
«The outrageous actions has gone beyond human understanding, human rights are violated like crazy, that’s why we will go to court with each particular case till the end," argues lawyer Victor Panţâru.

Source: Ziarul de Gardă

Forbidden access to the young people tortured by the police


According to the law three authorities have the right to enter in the police sectors, in case of torture signals: lawyers of the tortured people, parliamentary lawyers and members of the Consultative Council of the Mechanism of Torture Prevention (CCMPT). Many of the young people don’t have access, the director of the parliamentary lawyers don’t offer any information (he declared that he has a contract with “Antena C”), and the members of CCMPT sustain that the police prohibits their access, which is against the law.

Vanu Jereghi, CCMPT Vice President declared today for The Guard Journal that he had interdiction in 5 police sectors from Chişinău, including to the Police Commissariat for seeing the torture victims. “Although I was invoking the law statements, police men told us that there is an order from above to not be allowed inside, eventually only accompanied by a civil servant responsible with public opinion sampling, but this fact is illegal” sustains Jereghi.

He declares that the unique institution where the CCMPT members have been allowed is Penitentiary no. 13, but problems appeared there as well. “We’ve been told that those that have made possible our access there will be punished. You see, in Moldova everything is reversed. Those that infringed the law and didn’t allow us to enter the police sectors won’t be punished, but those that respected the law and allowed us to enter and see dozens of cases of torture” says Jereghi.

Representatives of the civil society, such as CREDO and Amnesty International confirmed that the CCMPT members’ access to the police sections was stopped. The NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations) for Human Rights from Moldova declared that they will inform right away the international community about these abuses.

Source: Ziarul de Gardă

The CE (European Council) General Manager will arrive immediately in Chişinău


The General Secretary of the European Council issued a press release today declaring that he is very concerned about the detention of an important number of people after the last week protests. For this reason it disposes the immediate arrival of the CE General Manager for Democracy in Chişinău.

«During the last couple of days I’ve received very controversial news from Chişinău. In one hand, I’m encouraged by the proposals to verify the election lists and to count the votes. This should help to calm down the post-election controversies.

On the other hand, I’m very concerned about the human right infringement by arbitrary detention of a significant number of people, including children and by mass-media restrictions.

Based on these signals, I’ve asked Jean-Louis Laurens, General Manager for Democracy and Political Problems of the European Council to immediately depart for Chişinău and to prepare a report regarding this country situation.”

Source: Ziarul de Gardă

German Deputies Point the Finger to Voronin

“Voronin is directly responsible for the situation in Moldova”, declare the German deputies.

“His speeches on the evening prior to the elections, in which he stated that within the absolute communist majority foreseen to be built, any discussion with the democratic opposition would be usless, led to the last drop. The opposition parties got major obstacles during the election campaign and before it, being blocked their access to the public media, and their leaders were flooded with accusations by the law courts”, states one declaration of the social-democrats in German Bundenstag (Parliament).

The MP’s also ask for the immediate guarantee of the freedom of the press, and a detailed and fair report regarding the events during last days in Chisinau. “The problem of the recounting of the votes or of possible repeated elections must be openly examined. Apart from this, it is necessary to drop the charges on the opposition, according to which they would be servants of neighbour states and would have planned a coup d’etat”, the same statement highlights.

“All the actions against the European Union, as the introduction of the visas for the EU citizens from Romania, the expelling of the Romanian ambassador, do not lead to the de-escalation of the situation, but rather come in direct contradiction to the official statements of European integration of Moldova”, also state the German deputies.

Second Communist Murder in Moldova of the 21st Century


The mayor of Chisinau, Dorin Chirtoaca, said Tuesday that he has received confirmation of the second death after violent actions towards protesters done by the communist authorities.

Dorin Chirtoaca says that the victim is Tibuleac Ion, a young village Bolohani, Orhei district, suffered several injuries - broken ribs, internal bleeding, and broken leg. "You can notice bruises on the head and face. He had already been buried because the family did not publish this information immediately. We will try to find new information and relatively more about this case," Dorin Chirtoaca provided.

According to the mayor, the family says he "was thrown like a dog" under the steps of Emergency Hospital in Chisinau, and they weren’t allowed to enter in the morgue. The family was notified that the supposed reason of death was electrocution: "The family is in shock. On April 7, the guy went to Chisinau with another friend and didn’t return. Some of his acquaintances said that that say they saw scenes on TV with Ion along with other protesters, "said Dorin Chirtoaca.

The mayor of Chisinau argues that, unfortunately, in Moldova cases of torture, inhuman and degrading treatment in places of detention, arrested people continue to happen. "Unfortunately, up to date we have not seen an adequate international response - except one person, a representative of the United Nations for Human Rights, who came in one prison, nobody else in international bodies attempted to document directly. We haven’t even seen people from the international community or the Committee for the Prevention of Torture here in Chisinau, who would go to the stations and stop the terror, "stated Dorin Chirtoaca.

Jurnal de Chisinau wrote Tuesday that on the night of April 7, following the events of the capital, the body of a young man was thrown from a car of the Moldovan Ministry of Internal Affairs in the courtyard of the Emergency Hospital in Chisinau. The victim had broken ribs, deep wounds in the head and a fractured leg. According to witnesses, the lifeless body of a young 22 years was thrown from a white car; brand Niva, the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The next day, parents and Tatiana Semion Tibuleac received news from doctors at the Emergency Hospital that their son had died electrocuted. They were asked to come to the hospital morgue with clothing for the deceased.

According to Semion Tibuleac, Ion’s father, the parents weren’t allowed to see their son. They saw the body after it was dressed. "One of the workers told me that he was brought by a Niva car, white, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and was thrown into the yard of the Emergency Hospital. He was wearing only his pants and a T-shirt. We weren’t allowed to see the clothes that he wore before. I found that he had a broken leg, and broken ribs. He had deep wounds in the temples "the boy said his father.”Our boy did not have any documents on him. First we were told that they have found him in the street. If he had been found like that, incidentally, in the street, may I ask how did they manage to find out who he was and where he was from on second day and got in touch with us to let us know that he is dead,” said Tatiana, Ion’s Mother.

Ion was buried Saturday, April 11. Parents have not consulted a lawyer, but say they want to know the truth about their son’s death.


US Ambassador Chaudhry Wakes Up to Reality

After having bowed obediently at Voronin’s feet on Friday, US ambassador at Chisinau finally takes a stand towards the situation in Moldova. Mr. Asif Chaudhry has criticized Saturday the arrests on Moldovan journalists and students after the protests which took place during the last days in the Moldovan capital, in an interview given to the press agency Infotag.

“We have received direct complaints from the journalists who were subjected to intimidation. We have seen tv footages showing that journalists and students were agressed”, stated the American ambassador.

“We are deeply concerned about retaining journalists and students, which was done without any founded reasons; we are also concerned about the pressure done on teachers to stop students from going to demonstrations. Such cases, as intimidating journalists or any other citizens, must not take place in a democracy”, added the ambassador.

A much tougher stand took the Romanian - American community in the US, who decided to send a complaint to the State Department.

“As American citizens of Romanian origin, we are deeply concerned about the actions the secret police took against the population in the Republic of Moldova, after the demonstrations against the communist regime, which frauded the elections recently ended.

Hundreds of people were arrested and beaten, young women abused, local reporters deprived of liberty, and their Romanian colleagues detained and expelled over the border without any notice, motivations and against the international law of press.

The Romanian ambassador, a country which is an important ally of the US in the region and an important NATO member, was also expelled on false charges of his country’s implication to instigation of the population to demonstrations and rebellion.

In spite of these facts, the Ambassador of the US in Moldova congratulated president Vladimir Voronin for the so-called “adequate reaction” to the events, without taking a strong and clear stand, as a representative of the American people as owner of a real democracy, both towards the violation of the human rights to free speech and peaceful demonstration and to the terror enstated after the rebellion ended.

Also, Mr. ambassador Asif J. Chaudry had no reaction about the expelling of his colleague, the ambassador of Romania in Moldova.

We, as citizens of the United States, we are shocked by the stand that the American official took and we consider that it caused prejudices to our credibility in the region. Consequently, we ask for his removal from his position, or to be recalled back home to the State Department of the United States.

The United States must take in this situation a strong stand in supporting Romania, its important ally, in a moment when this country is target of false charges expressed by the last communist regime in the region, the one in Chisinau, hostile to democracy and real freedom.

The United States, as real guaranteer of democracy, must condemn the provocations, harms, torture, arrests of the young and other people in the Republic of Moldova, who exercised their basic right to demonstrate freely. The arrested people must immediately be released.

Any action of our country will show that America does not agree with the abuse of a nation by a out-of-date communist regime which can destabilize the region, with serious consequences in Europe”.

The Romanian - American Community

11th April 2209

The Moldovan Court decides: AMERICANS to be expelled out of country


The court decided today, April 15, the expulsion of Alex Grigorievs - the Director of National Democratic Institute from Chisinau. The reason cited to is the illegal stay of American in Moldova. Attorney NDI director, Constantin Tănase, said he will appeal the court decision.

Just as a reminder, yesterday, April 14, Grigorievs was arrested and taken to MIA, where it was announced that the residence permit in the Republic of Moldova is expired.

Another reminder: Grigorievs’ the stay permit in Moldova expired in September 2008, and the U.S. official filed an application for extension of the permit in August 2008, and authorities have offered no answer at this time.

Currently there is no official reaction to the National Democratic Institute in the U.S. over this case.

Source: Unimedia

Mass arrests at the Medical School in Chisinau


Distinguished editors:

You are the last ones that the students still have trust. I don't know the situation of other students but the students at the University of Medicine are living in true terror. There are waves of arrests every day. Every day 12-15 of us are being taken away.

Yesterday it happened right under my eyes and of other colleagues - a cop with accompanied by 15 masked riot police, flashed some orders from some institution - from the Ministry of Internal Affairs or the dean. He had pictures of colleagues some of whom weren't even in the square because we were all in class, and just took them away. In evenings, at the Malina Mica student residence hall, things are even worse - in front of the dorms usually there is a police van and they even do raids assisted by the Dean. Our only refuge is the library where we arrived relieved every day when we manage not to get arrested in the frequent raids - we stay here because we are afraid to go to our dorm rooms, but I heard that tonight they will also come here. More – it's being said that with the Easter holidays they will come to take us from our homes, from our parents’ places. We are very scared, not knowing what to do. We put together a committee of several people and wanted to go out in public to declare what is happening in our university, but we have been betrayed by the Dean himself and the Heads of the Departments together with the Rector. Two people from the committee have disappeared; we suspect they have been taken off the streets because we have not seen them anymore. We are afraid to tell anyone about this, because we might be betrayed, we are afraid to go alone on the street because you might be arrested and nobody would know what happened to us, we are afraid to go in pairs or three because we would then be suspected of plotting and be arrested, afraid to talk about what is happening because in one of the groups a teacher discussed on Monday with the students about the arrests and the next day they were arrested. We feel that those arrested feel less terror than us, the ones who never know what will happen to us next.

There are also lots expels without reason; they say that by the order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Since when the MIA gives orders to expel students who were successful in their studies, never missed classes, didn’t participate at protests, but just happened to pass by the square because the public transport sometimes does not run on bd. Stefan Cel Mare and they had to walk through Main Square?

This happens here.
We cannot live with the terror.
Please help us!

Medical School Student

Victims of the Government

On the 12th of april Valeriu Boboc, the first victim of the police slaughter taking place in Moldova, was buried. How many more innocent protesters will follow?

The events that followed the protests on the 6th,7th and 8th of april continue to shock Moldova:
officially there are 200 hundred people arrested, while press sources say the real number of detainees has grown to 800.None of these people is guilty of what they are accused-the devastation of President’s Hall and Parliament’s House, which, in fact, was done by violent provokers, some of them prisoners and policemen, controlled and guided by puppets of the Communist party. The majority of the arrested people are between 18 and 23 years old.
While each one of them is literally slaughtered beginning with the street where they get caught on by officers dressed in plain clothes, and continuing with the police commissariats, the representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs says that prisoners’ rights are respected.
Besides this, there is a great list of people reported missing since last Tuesday. “Nobody knows where they are. We are directed from one commissariat to another ,but we get no aswers!” say parents, whose panic and tears don’t disturb the authorities.
The only reason why these young men and women get arrested is for being seen in pictures and videos taken at the protest, for having passed near the government building or for having spoken: ”Down with the communists!”! Until this day the mass-media was constantly receiving reports concerning the abuse of power by the policemen. And they will continue to come, even if those who were arrested were threatened to remain silent. Valeriu Boboc, a young men of 23, was the first victim of the inhuman treatment of those meant to protect him. Althought the injuries are a proof of a violent death, the police says that it happened because of the intoxication with an unknown gas. ”The multiple body injuries were considered scratches by the prosecutor.” says the lawyer. Valeriu was married and had a one and a half years old son, for whom he meant the world. “We’ve been searching for him, going from one commissariat to another. They announced us Friday,april 10th, when he was dead for three days already. He has a fatal injury on hid forehead. Is this the result of the intoxication? It’s pure murder!” says the grandfather of the victim.
Meanwhile, there are new cases of brutality manifested by policemen, that the authorities deny. Damian Hancu, a law student from the University of Lyon, who came home to vote, was arrested because during the protest, he was helping several journalists from Sweden. “They threw me to the ground and started hiting my head, my back, my hands. They were beating me with legs, too. I thought I wouldn’t survive after such a torture.” The outcome of the brutality is a commotion, fractured fingers and numerous bruises. Damian was forced to sign papers stating that he was a provoker and that he was paid to participate in the protests.
Police proves its inhuman ways to treat the detainees by another horrible fact: some young women were abused sexually. This was the result of the refuse to cooperate with the law forces. One of medical workers, who examined some of the detainees confirmed it. In the same time, two reporters of “Ziarul de Garda” were threatened with sexual abuse by the representatives of the police during an incident that took place on the 8 of april, near the House of the Government. Although the authorities claim that there were no women arrested, several students told the press that they were beaten along with men and abused verbally. ”They told us that police does its job well and we shouldn’t forget this.” said a young woman, who was arrested with her friends in front of the President’s hall, the night of the violent protest. Police authorities continued to arrest people after april 7th,too, explaining it by having video proofs of their the participation in the violent acts.Thus, 6 students from an university were literally kidnapped by unknown plain-clothed people during their lunch break. “Ziarul de Garda”, mentioned earlier, has numerous photos and videos of plain-clothed men running after, beating and arresting by-passers!

There are families who,to this day, don’t know were they sons and daughters are. According to several sources, many detainees were sent to other cities because of the lack of space in the prisons in Chisinau. Edwin Berry, the representative of UN in Moldova, visited a penitentiary with some of the protestants recently and was shocked by what he was told. The majority of them said that before the penitentiary, they were held in groups of 25 to 28 people in cells of 8 square metres, with limited acces to water, sanitary facilities and no food for two days.
But this is not all! Journalists are also targets for the authorities! Oleg Brega, operator for Journal TV, was cruely beaten by several plain-clothed men, who also sequestered his camera. The reporters of another publication-“Ziarul de Garda”-were threatened by police, as well. The violation of the freedom of press extends to journalists from other countries,too. Dorin Dendiu, a reporter of the Romanian channel TVR, was accused of infringement of the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova.”I want to specify that throughout the period of my stay in Moldova I haven’t done anything considered as a violation of this country’s laws, except a time when I ignored the red light and drove on.” At a conversation that he had with two officers, Dorin Dendiu was told to leave Moldova as soon as possible. “They didn’t let me announce the Romanian Embassy about the conversation, nor have they given me the possibility to contact my lawyer. It was a discussion against my will.”
This article can extend to tens of pages if I include all the violations of the human rights, that are taking place right now in our small country. All that is done against us, the people of Moldova, has an evil script writer-the communist party, who tries to still our Romanian identity, our rights and freedoms and our future. The only way to stop the injustices in Moldova is to be supported and helped by the whole world. What are you then waiting for?