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The Ministry of Internal Affairs asks NDI chief, USAID worker expulsion


Today, the NDI Chief (National Democratic Institute), Alex Grigorievs, was escorted to the MAI (Ministry of Internal Affairs) Migration Office headquarter by the interior collaborators where he was accused of illegal stay in Moldova. Tomorrow at the Center Judge’s Office this foreign official expulsion will be decided.

According to the NDI chief lawyer, Costel Tănase, Grigorievs was escorted today at MAI for being accused of illegal stay in Republic Moldova. Alex Grigorievs is present in Moldova since 2004. In September 2008 his stay permit was going to expire, but in august he submitted the documents for prolonging his stay permit in Moldova. “Since then, from august 2008, he was told that his documents were going to be ready soon and that he will receive them soon. In all this time, he asked over and over again when he can take his document, but he wasn’t told that he will never receive them. He discussed even with Stratan, but today he is accused of illegal stay in Moldova” says the lawyer Tănase.

Today Grigorievs went from MAI to the Center Judge’s Office where he was informed that tomorrow, at 4:15 pm a process will take place for deciding if he will be expelled or not and if he will pay a fine and the amount.

Source: Ziarul de Gardă

A Successful Hocus-Pocus


The facts I am going to present below are the results of a whole week of monitoring the events that took place on April 6-7, 2009. Even thought some parts of the puzzle are missing, the image is quite clear, and can be seen by everyone.
I shall begin with this picture… A car, Jiguli 21:07, that has more than 20 years, came in the front of the Presidency Building, got into the crowd, among the thousands of protestants, though the residence of EUTV is 300 meters away from the building…Why is that? We are going to find it out below.

Further, another picture, a picture you have seen on this blog before…The marked person is Ion Duminica, a front-rank person in PPCD, under the 26 number on the Party list. What is Duminica holding in his right hand? A police buckler…

Let’s go further on. This time I’ll make a call to a video clip. The 26th second is the most relevant one, this is the second we see the same Ion Duminica, that is in the front line among the destroyers.

Now I am going to refer to the video material that stood at the origins, the video material without which probably I wouldn’t spent my nights writing this. The well-known material of Jurnaltv – “Who is the person in the image?”. But I want to point not only one of them, but 3.
Beside the “Man in Yellow”, pay attention to the minute 2.18 (have you seen him some where else?). I bet you did!
There is also the “Man in Grey Jacket”, you can find him at the minute 2:39. This one is giving the same indications as the “Yellow man”: ”we are not against you, we are against communists”! Really?

Further, let’s analyze another picture, a very relevant one. The main hero is the “Man in Grey”, who is by the way, an ex member of PPCD… His name is Andrei Plop. Where do I know so many details about him?
Check this video!

So, in this picture, Mr. Plop is reporting via a walkie-talkie.

I think the script is becoming clear for all of you, but let’s add a piece in the puzzle. It refers to the video report from EUTV. Via this, Iurie Rosca tries to prove that the two guys who put the EU flag on the Parliament building and on the Presidency Building, are just two well intentioned young persons, who did what they did in order “to calm down the spirits”….
Indeed, Iurii Ivanovici!? Did you thing we would believe? From the very begging the declarations made by the two persons arise serious doubts.
Because it is difficult to believe that a 17 years person cares about “calming the spirits”. Also their serenity of speaking arise big doubts, they are calm, even they are at MAI. Just pay attention to how easy they speak, it’s like singing, and when they forget something, they are helped by the “teacher”….

Let’s use one more photo. Whom we see on it? Is it Dragos Musteata?
Yes, it is, just he looks different, longer hair. Why did Mr Musteata cut his hair so fast? Does he want to hide? Ok, agree, the way a person looks is not the most important detail. Please look at the Mr.
Musteata’s face, the one full of peaceful initiatives, polished by his brilliant intelligence. Doesn’t he look like an employee who is obedient and is listening to the indications of his boss. Pay attention to his humble look and to the look of his boss, who stays on his left side, giving orders…

Further a new video...an extremely important one. What do we see there? A guy dressed in red, carrying a rucksack, that is breaking one of the parliament doors. “What a brute!” will you say with anger! Poor Galatchi and Musteata, they are trying to calm down the spirits, but the brute in red is vandalizing the parliament. Even more, on the 20th second, he is approaching two persons and makes an exchange of documents. Is it the map of the Parliament Building? After this, the second one is coming closer, both receive precious indications, and they continue to vandalize. Who is the brute in red?
Oh, we can see it at the 44th second. This is our pacificator, the one who wanted to calm down the spirits, his name is Ion Galatchi! Is the second one Musteata? Maybe…

So, what are the conclusions dear friends? There are 5 guys, one car and a television!
Ion Galatchi, who is dressed in red or in yellow, who calms down the spirits or breaks the doors, who carries a little black rucksack or a big, grey one. Also, there is another guy, Dragos Musteata, an intelligent guy, who polishes the ideas, but who is humble when receiving orders. Musteata is the one who on Tuesday had a haircut, and on Saturday, another one.

Let’s not forget Mr. Andrei Plop, a former member of PPCD, who is “not against you, but against communists”. How can he be against you when he is one of yours, and communicates with you via a walkie-talkie? Also, in the image there is Ion Duminica, the president of the Christian-democratic gypsies. The one with a police buckler, standing in the first lines.

The 5th guy is the one from the video clip number 2. At the minute 2:18. It seems he resembles somebody, doesn’t he? Let’s leave some place for the mystery here…

We also have a car, Jiguli 2107, from ’88, that belongs to EUTV. That cursed television and hated by everyone, EUTV, the television that attacked the opposition during the whole electoral campaign. What was that car dong there, taking into consideration the fact that the office of this television is 300 meters away from the Presidency Building. There were tens of journalists, and none of them came with a car.

Ok, I’ll tell what that car was doing there. It came there to instigate the spirits. To madden the protestants. The protestants that took on the provocation, like a bull when seeing the red color (the behavior is logic) and in a moment they turned upside down Rosca’s car. Anyway that car did not worth more that 1000 Euros, and even if it were completely destroyed, the damages wouldn’t be too big. Please, do not forget hat EUTV is provided with cars and buses that cost thousands of Euros, but…those cars did not came….

Two more things to say about EUTV:

The first one is the TV show “Epicentru”, on Monday evening, the show that presented the candles meeting with a unique objectivity on Rosca’s television. At the end of that talk-show, Praporsic even remembered the youth that the next morning there will be a protest meeting.
The second one is that on the 8 of April, EUTV did not broadcast at all, even Praporsic promised at the end of the Monday show, that on the next day, at 21.30, his quest shall be Iurie Rosca. Why EUTV did not broadcast at all?

These where the pieces of our puzzle. If you understood something, it means I did not work in vain for a whole week, collecting the details.
P.S. : I do not incriminate anyone; these are just doubts, followed by big interrogation marks!!

I am writing this text because I want to set light on several things. I am neither an inquirer nor a detective, am not at least journalist who is making investigations. I am a young person who is fed up with all the manipulations and misinformation that we are obliged to live, day by day. I am fed up with Nit, N4, Omega, Moldova1 or EUTV. These televisions are only concerned with misinforming and brainwash.

The article “A Successful Hocus-Pocus” arose controversies among the readers. Even a great majority agreed with me, I received some notifications that the guy in yellow and the one in red are different persons. Ok, I did not deny this for a single moment, that’s why I even inserted a post scriptum to that article, in which I said I do not incriminate no one.

I just one to set light on some facts that are extremely confusing:
1. Why neither the name of Ion Ghilatchi, nor the name of Dragos Musteata, do not appear on the lists with arrested persons.
2. Why the MIA (Ministry of Internal Affairs) did not ensure equal rights for all the arrested persons? I saw some of them that were giving amazing testimonies, all the body covered by bruises ad traumas, while our heroes flt no stress, and one of them even wearing sunglasses. Not only Musteata and Ghilatchi were worthy of such a treatment, but also the other arrested persons, imprisoned in 6 square meters rooms, in each room about 20 persons.
3. How did Mr/ Musteata manage to change his haircut so quickly? This is a phrase from a comment “You noticed it correctly that Dragos had a haircut meanwhile. When he managed to do it? Where? Under arrest? Why? Was his hair causing discomfort? Additionally, it is known that the arrested persons were taken all the personal things. Why then Dragos, being under arrest, still has his sunglasses, and more than this, while interrogated by MIA , is wearing them, exactly like on 7th of April.
4. What were doing among the protestants Ion Duminica and Vlad Cubreacov, taking into consideration the fact that Rosca swear that no one from his party was there. It was proved that Rosca’s oath is worthless, and the leader of PPCD is as dumb as a fish.
5. If the guy in red is not Ghilatchi, than who is he? Maybe now, he is in a prison, beaten up? Or maybe he is a free and is feeling ok, even it is clearly seen he deserves a surcharge for vandalizing. Not beaten, but surcharged.
6. Why the Prosecutors’ does not come up with daily reports, to communicate where the prisoners are, how do they feel, are they beaten or maybe they are giving testimonies wearing sunglasses??

There are also a lot of confusing things, which me and you, dear readers, want to clear up. We want to find out who are the guilty persons, responsible for he events that took place on April the 7th!
Who is going to help us?

The loop is getting tight
As I tried in the previous article to prove that PPCD has an important role in the events that happened on 6 and 7 of April, here appeared another proof, that makes us believe more and more that Mr. Rosca is behind of the so called “PUCI”.
Want to say a big “thank you” to those who are helping me with proofs.

Source: analizemd.blogspot.com

The interview of one of the young people detained by the police and secret services


On April, 12 my family and I went to the catholic church as we do every Sunday. At a certain moment during the ministry 2 groups of filming have entered the building, one of which was EUTV.

After filming for about 15 min they briskly walked out. The team from EUTV was back in the building after a few minutes and suddenly, their operator has fixed the camera on me, for about 5 min. This seemed suspicious to my relatives and me. After the service we started to walk home altogether as a family. At the Presidential building’s corner a white car stopped and a few well built men have come out of it. One of them asked me if I speak Romanian and if I am from Romania. I told them I was local so they asked for my ID. Unfortunately I didn’t have one, so they forced me to get into the car, saying they will beat my entire family otherwise.
They have taken me to the Center Against Organized Crime and Corruption . From what I have seen, this is the structure that was involved in catching the innocent people in the streets. The collaborators have started to curse me, threaten me with torture and yelling that I am not a patriot, rather a traitor. From their words I understood that the trigger for the arrest was the “Basarabia Pamint Romanesc”(“Basarabia Romanian Land”) t-shirt I was wearing on that day.
They have forced me to watch the videos from the protest. In one of them I was behid the parliament building screaming ”Jos armata lui Papuc” (“Down go Papuc’s army”, Papuc being the Minister of Internal Affairs). The collaborators after seeing this sequence have started beating me and screaming, how did I dare to mention the minister’s name? and why do I raise my hand like a fascist. I tried to explain that it was a “v” sign for victory, but they didn’t want to listen, calling me a fascist further on. One of them tried to force me to confess that I was one of the leaders of the group of protesters. I kept saying I wasn’t. Then just to find a reason to detain me, they have incriminated that I resisted the arrest, which was also not true. They didn’t grant me a lawyer although I had the right to have one.
After the interagation I was taken to Buiucani sector police department where I was threatened again to be beaten to death. I was told that I will be under trial on Monday on administrative art 176 and put into cell.
In the same cell there were 2 more young men who were arrested during the protests. One was there because he has taken a radio from one of the buildings and the other one only because he was an active participant in all anti-communist movements. Surprisingly it was the latter who was beaten savagely several times. There was particularly one guy who came often and just seemed to release his negative energy on the poor fellow. They have forced him to falsely confess that he was paid by V. Filat one of the opposition leaders to participate in the protests. The other guy told me that in the prisons there are about 1000 protesters.
I have seen 2 girls as well, they were beaten even worse than the men, with the policemen’s shields and legs. The policemen forced them to hold the shields in their hands and then 6 persons kicked the shield at once. None of the prisoners was allowed to call their parents or given medical health.
Each night 12-15 people were taken to Taraclia, a small town outside Chisinau, well known for the cruelty of its police.
After merely surviving this night I was taken to trial on Monday. Luckily the judge found me innocent and I was released. This nightmare was over but for over 1000 young men it is only the beginning.

Source: Curaj.net

Steaven Seagal condemnes the communist regime's tortures and claims Stati is innocent

The police continuously stop teenagers on the streets of Chisinau


A couple of people signal us that during the last couple of days police patrols are stopping teenagers on the streets.

Today, on the Dacia Boulevard (Blvd. Dacia) from Botanica quarter, Chisinau, around the Budapest shop a police patrol stopped a group of children that were going to school. The police men asked each one of them where they are going, who they are and other details. The children were under 14 years old and they were not accompanied by an adult, while the law doesn’t allow interrogating children in the absence of a lawyer, tutor or parents.

In the same way, yesterday, on the Stephen the Great Boulevard (Blvd. Ştefan cel Mare), next to the Fashion Center (Centrul de Modă), a police patrol stopped a group of children, aged in between 12 to 14 years old, asked them to open their bags and verified their diary and other personal stuff.

The Interior Ministry didn’t offer any comments about this fact, declaring that the board of the Press Office is having lunch.

Source: Ziarul de Gardă

I have seen doctors in the Penitentiary, but the prisoners say they do not receive all appropriate medical assistance

Edwin Berry, Human Rights Adviser to the UN in Moldova, on mass arrests in Moldova

Edwin Berry, Human Rights Adviser to the UN in Moldova has managed to visit the prison nr.13 (in Chsinau??) on Saturday and talk to at least 40 of the young people arrested during the protests. «I have never seen anything like this», said Berry.

UN adviser claims he has seen at least 40 youngsters who are detained in various cells. «They all have traces of beatings and injuries,» Berry said, adding that practically all the prisoners are aged between 18 and 24.

The prisoners complained they were beaten in the different police sections or at the headquarters of the Commissioner General of Police. They claimed that between 25 and 28 people were held in small cells of 8 square meters. They were given very little water, and virtually no food. Also, most of them complained about the fact that they were not allowed to see a lawyer.

«I have seen doctors in the Penitentiary, but the prisoners say they do not receive all appropriate medical assistance», said the UN representative.

He told the press that he had taken photographs of the signs of torture which these young people bear on their bodies. He also requested to set up a meeting with the Moldovan Ministry of Interior Affairs. Also, the data that he collected during his visit will be used to document the cases and to inform the international community about what is happening.

«From what I saw and heard from those 40 young people, I can say that there are serious human rights violations, namely the practices of inhuman and degrading treatment and preventing the right to legal advice, fair court proceedings and appropriate conditions of detention, «said the UN official.

Berry believes it is important there is the «Committee for complaints» in Moldova, which made it possible for him to visit the prison.

Witnesses talk about the dead guy


Tonight, about an hour ago, I received the following things that have to deal with the death of the young man who was declared dead as a result of the protests from April 7th.I have to mention for the pathetic people from the Social Security Information not to bother with the IP address, I am from Romania and you can bite your hands because of that. So:

Declaration of the witness from the night of 7th to 8th April, at 12:50-1:05AM:
So that young man died as a result of the intervention of the special agents from Moldovan KGB at 1AM. I know the exact hour because I was a witness of all the events that were happening at that time.
A group of young people, about 30, were going to the National Square, towards the cursed booth where they sell newspapers, rechargeable cards, that is located right at the intersection of Puskin Street and Stefan Cel Mare. That was around 12:50AM. As, this group started taking down the booth across from it there around 10-12agents, you could easily notice them who were talking on their cellphones (it was 12:55am and a group of people I were on Stefan Cel Mare blvd. by McDonald’s.)
At one moment the group of agents started attacking everyone with electrical shocks and beating them up with their feet in their heads (you could also hear shot guns), some of them were thrown in cars, one of them was a Mercedes Vito, grey color (taxi looking), other cars had their windows dark grey.
After approximately 5 minutes, I noticed how 50 policemen and some other agents were coming from the “Eminescu” theater direction. (I presume that it was Fulger, who, saw us on the other side cursing at us.) They had AK47 weapons, but without shields.
In that moment, I went closer to the Moldova Postal Office and then I ran down Vlaicu Pircalab street, I got to see that they started shooting and beating everyone, they put everyone down, and beating them with the weapons, including the people from the other side of McDonald’s, who had nothing to do with the protest (some of them look like Arabs, or maybe just guests of the capital). I saw all these while being at the corner of the Postal Office Building.
Three of my friends and I are probably the only witnesses who saw the real situation (and who clearly got to escape from that fight that ended up with dead people.) I would like to add that as soon as the Policemen from Fulger came, the agents stepped back.
I believe that between 1:00Am and 1:15AM that guy was killed either by the 12 agents from Moldovan KGB or by the Policemen, what actually corresponds with the time of the death that was declared by the doctors.
My personal ad:
During the night of April 8th, around 12:36AM, a message from the same guy who was a witness at the previous tragedy, on my messenger, a message that said that he saw exactly the same thing posted on IRC. Here is the message:
On April 8 early in the morning, at the emergency hospital, under the ramp that leads to the emergency section, out of the police car Niva with the MAI numbers, was thrown the body of a 20 year old man. A policeman yelled: “Look at him, he seems to be in a bad condition”, after which he got in the car and left.
The witness who declared the above doesn’t want to give his name for understandable reasons, even if he understands the importance of giving out his name. We asked him to give our conversation for publication but he didn’t even want that. At least this is the beginning point in the investigation.

Source: Curaj.net

Communist Repression in Moldova



This is the reality of the people, captured by policemen after the demonstrations in Moldova, for over a week.

Resident medical students that do their internship at paramedical services in Chisinau have confessed that they have been called to investigate the situation of the detainees at the Pricika Penitentiary.
What they found was beyond shocking!

Over 20% of the detainees, aged 18 to 24 were beaten to nearly dead stage, lying on the floor. THE MEDICAL STUDENTS WEREN’T EVEN ALLOWED TO OFFER THEM MEDICAL HEALTH!! These people were doomed by the cruelty of the system to die in the stench of the prison cells. The detainees who could still stand straight despite broken bones and mutilating bruises needed hospitalization emergently.
Besides being beaten, the young people presented signs of starvation and dehydration.

Since April, 7 over 800 citizens have disappeared all over the republic.

What should their relatives do?? Declare them missing..or just ask for help from the forces of order? Either way, they would appeal exactly to the same people who were ruthlessly, methodically turning the people they cared for into frightened slaves.

It seems like the Holy Week brings sorrow not only in spiritual way to all Moldova’s Christians, but it is also a week drenched in the blood of helpless victims inside the penitenciaries, where men and women alike are beaten, tortured and sexually abused.


PS: I don’t want YOU, the person reading this article, to donate money or give any material help. ALL I ASK YOU is to follow the destiny of this little country I am from. EVERYTIME you inform yourself on the events going on in Moldova, you give less chance for the dictatorial regime to act however they want in the silence and darkness of indifference of international community.


Official Letter from General Mayor of Chisinau City Hall

MD-2012 Republica Moldova, mun. Chişinău, bd. Stefan cel Mare şi Sfânt 83,
Tel: + (373 22) 22 10 02, 22 82 85, 20 15 04 22 91 40, web: www.chisinau.md, E-mail: primaria@pmc.md

Dear Mr/Mrs,

The Republic of Moldova encounters severe violations of human rights. Following the manifestations on 7th of April 2009, when the presidential and parliament buildings were seized by the protesters, the Moldovan police unleashed a wave of mass terror and intimidation against the citizens. Youth, including minors, has been particularly targeted. Journalists who did not participate in the protests were arrested along with protesters, both violent and peaceful.

The police acted in full force and have been arresting people on the street, students in high schools, universities and youth hostels, but also church attendants returning from the Easter mass. The arrest procedure is not followed through. Those apprehended, men or women, are beaten with cruelty and subjected to inhumane and degrading treatment. There are reports of torture and one death. Not all arrests have been reported. There are still parents in search of their missing children to whom access to their children’s’ whereabouts is denied.

Those released contend that the arrested are kept in dreadful conditions (15-20 people in a 10 m2 cell), beaten with brutality and compelled to sign under false statements. Spot trials are held in police premises with no or limited access to defense. The access to detention facilities is denied including to lawyers and human rights organizations. The repeated requests of the mayor of Chisinau to access the detention facilities were irrefutably turned down.

According to the police, 200 citizens remain under arrest. However, the Moldovan media compiled a list of some 800 missing people believed to be in police’s arrest. Over 50 people were hospitalized in Chisinau after having been beaten by police. There is information that in order to hide the abuses, the detained citizens are transported in other municipalities like Taraclia, Vulcanesti.

We therefore request your immediate involvement to:
• Secure the observance of human rights;
• Stop the inhuman and degrading treatment, torture in places of detention;
• Cessation of terror, the abduction of persons, threats and intimidation;
• Demand access to defence attorneys and fair trial;
• Ensure access the NGOs and media in places of detention;
• Guarantee the rights of the detent, primarily in defense;
• End the illegal arrests;
• Punish the guilty people of committing abuses and release the innocent one.

Evidence and Pictures:
Herein are the brief information and audio/video testimonies of those people who were arrested, abused and kidnapped.

Sergiu Cretu –bone fracture of humerus (arm): 23 years old, peaceful protester, beaten at the police station. For his own secure,
refused to be photographed.

A young person, who request anonymity – bone fracture of humerus (arm), cerebral concussion, muscles contusions/bruises: 23 years old, peaceful protester, beaten in the Park by the police which were civilian-dressed and in uniform.

A young person, who request anonymity – torture, cerebral concussion, muscles contusions/bruises: 19 years old, did not participate in any protests, insulted, humiliated and beaten at the police station.

Popa Andrei – cerebral concussion, facial contusion/bruises: 18 years old, did not participate in any protest, beaten at the police station, received no food and water during 24 hours, were arrested 22 people in 12 m2 .

Roscot Denis - cerebral concussion, nasal bones fracture, facial contusion: 20 years old, student, peaceful protester, beaten at the police station, forced to sign a false statement, handcuffed to the hospital bed for one night.

Damian Hancu – torture, cerebral concussion, fracture of the arm fingers, muscle contusions/bruises: student at the Faculty of Law in Lyon, France. 23 years old, peaceful protester, did not participate in violent actions. Was held by the civilian-dressed state police, on April 7, in the center of Chisinau, as a result of discussions with Swedish journalists. After being tortured, by the policemen during several hours, he was forced to sign a false statement - guilty for instigation and bribed by the opposition to participate in protests. Herein you can find attached the audio/video testimony of Damian Hancu in English, the medical certificate and the request to the prosecutor.

Valeriu Boboc - dead, broken ribs as a result of strikes, a plague on the head as a result of blows with blunt objects: 23 years old, workman, married, father of a 1.5 year old child; peaceful participant at the protest . Arrived in the Square after 5.00 p.m., when the presidential and parliament buildings were ravaged. Killed as a result of the massive police attack on protesters in the night of 7 to April 8. According to the police - found dead in the Great National Assembly Square. Cause of death according to the certificate of death (hereof attached) - unknown toxic poisoning.

Yours sincerely,

Dorin Chirtoaca,
General Mayor of Chisinau