We, Moldavian students in Strasbourg

  1. Referring to protests in Chisinau, the capital of Republic of Moldova 5 (RM) against the Party of Communists, after the results of parliamentary elections of 05 April 2009, where communists “won” 61 places in Parliament;

  1. Recalling that Moldova is a member state of ONU;

  1. Disappointed by the lack of objective information in European medias on how the elections took place ;

  1. Fully alarmed by the fact that fire was opened on Protestants, last Night in Chisinau.

  1. Deeply regretting the heavy frauds in elections, committed by the government. For example 183 000 dead voted.

  1. Strongly condemning the restrictions of free movement at borders of Moldavian citizens from abroad who wanted to use the right to vote in RM. Therefore the fundamental right was infringed. Also the borders in RM and in the capital are, at present, blocked for people that wants to join the protests, and for any kind of journalists.

  1. Deeply disturbed by the fact that Police, Judicial system are instruments used by Communists Party.

  1. Noting with strong regret than National TV Chanel and Radio that represents the most important source of information in regions of RM misinform the populations. Also a blockage of information is observed in internet media that tries to reflect the objective information.

We, Moldavian students in Strasbourg

  1. Call the Council of Europe, the guaranty of Human Rights, to condemn the illegalities RM lives this days!!!

Strasbourg 8 APRIL 2009


Solidarity message

for international awarness of the difficult situation in Republic of Moldova

Dear friends,

We need your support:

If you watch the news, you can see that there is a protest against communist regime and unfair elections that took place on the 5 th of april 2008 in Moldova. The protest that caused violence and it was just a well thought scenario made by communist government. True facts and information you can find on the following sites:





Quite often the Moldovan sites don’t work. In this case the materials of Jurnal TV you can find images on http://www.youtube.com/user/JurnalTV and the Romanian sites www.realitatea.net . They are always available. If you are informed we need your support.

What can you do:

-inform the press from all over the world and local mass-media about the things that are happening here (use internet more often, translate the message in the languages you know)

-Inform the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, and local/national/international organizations from the place you live in, but especially the organizations that concern about Human Rights. Ask for reaction against the repression that is in Moldova, by requests, official letters, messages. We are waiting for the messages either from Moldovan citizens or from other groups or people from foreign countries

-If in each institution there is at least a person who can inform the people from ypur country about the events and details about the situation in Republic of Moldova, then you’ll manage to help us to transmit the fair information, to form the right opinion and understand the difficult situation created here

-discuss in forum and in public places where you meet

We would like to assure you the moldavian youth don’t support violence. The violent actions from 7 of April 2009, were provoked by the Comunist Party following the “well-produced” scenario. We disagree with this repressive regime that was set up here and we don’t agree with unfair elections organized on the 5 th of April 2009. We would like to protest pacefully. Info, video, photos and other declarations that show these facts are on the sites mentioned above.

We are asking the international governmental and nongovernmental organizations for help in taking an attitude and to signalize about broken rules and outlaws of this require that doesn’t respect human rights and freedom. We are asking for help of other European States to understand the situation created. Each reaction is Welcome. If other states will be implied, we think that Romania couldn’t be accused in implication in state’s affairs of our country.

We believe that in capacity to analyze what is happening and to do the right decisions.

We need you. Don’t be indifferent, to our attempt to protect our dignity and freedom! The indifference of Europe will kill our future!

Your Parents, relatives, friends from Republic of Moldova ask for your support.

Send this information. Thank you.

The youth of Republic of Moldova!!!