Sunday, April 12, 2009

Everyone is involved

“Everyone is involved. Everyone.” (“The International”)

If you think that only movies can give you the scoop of how dirty and corrupted can intelligence agencies and government officials come when it comes down to defending their key positions, think again!

Moldova, the only ex-soviet country where the communist party was able to govern the country after the Perestroyka until now, has been for almost a week a nationwide arena of dirty tricks, provocations and mass manipulation.

The results presented after processing 100% votes have proven shocking for the population. The Communist Party has accumulated 49,48% votes. THAT MEANS 1 OF 2 MOLDOVANS VOTED COMMUNISTS!

As a sign of disagreement with the results, the progressive youth and young specialists who have seen for their country a democratic future have initiated a peaceful protest action on evening of April, 6. As the authorities paid no attention to them, those who were concerned, young, middle aged and old people alike, have gathered the next morning in front of the governmental buildings for a peaceful protest, but as a result of a series of provocations the noble idea of defending their rights of fair elections has turned into a terrible act of vandalism.

Although the Statutory Law of Moldovan Secret Service Officers allows officers to use force when strategic objectives under their protection such as parliament and presidency buildings are attacked, the authorities have not reacted according to the law. Instead, a group of young cadets and trainees were brought under the wrath of instigators, dressed in civilian clothes. Their superiors directed the actions from away giving these young people no support. The crowd did not want the defenders of the buildings to suffer, screaming” Un, doi, politia cu noi!” which means “Police, please consider our side!” and making a free corridor for them to retreat from the building in case they would decide to do so. The people who just wanted their democratic rights to be respected realized that the call of honor held the policemen in place and didn’t want them to suffer, quite weird for a “mob of enraged, drunk children” as they were presented by biased national media, don’t you think?!!!

Further on, the scandalous “fact” of planting the flags of EU and Romania on the roof of the Parliament building also proved itself as a fraud. The door that leads on the top of building is made of steel and only 3 officials have the key to it. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT UNPREPARED PEOPLE COULD FORCE IT??

[click to enlarge]

look closer to the man next to the youngsters planting the flag, he is wearing a policeman hat!!!

According to sources within the parliament’s collaborators, a few days before the “sudden attack ” the officials were told to archive their most important documents and the ladies were told to wear low heeled shoes that would allow them to run quickly.

Although the opposition leaders have openly called to cease violence and destructions, a group of people who CLEARLY didn’t come there to protect their democratic values, continued vandalizing the buildings.

What could cause young people to be so violent?? Maybe the FREE LIQUOR and DOUBTFUL CONTENT CIGARETTES given away FOR FREE from an army vehicle with Transnistrian license plates that has hidden behind the Government Building, where the official forces have concentrated!

There are video proofs that Parliament was set on fire FROM INSIDE. And why the fire fighters that were next to the Parliament building watch the fire with a smile on their face, instead of putting it off?

This terrible list goes on and on. What happened on April, 7 was nothing but a monstrous mocking of the constitutional right for peaceful demonstrations and free expression of opinion (art. 32 and art. 40 Constitution of Republic of Moldova). And it was only the beginning of a series of repressions, threats, abuses and other crimes against humanity and democracy. These crimes were documented on tape, seen by eye witnesses but ignored by officials. YET!


FEAR AND PANIC have become the shadow of every citizen in Moldova. The result of the violent actions has spoken in the cruelest way possible: first victim – Valeriu Boboc – a 23 year old guy who is claimed to be dead by his family because of the violent attacks by the police. The authorities state that the young man died as a result of the protests from Tuesday. At this moment, no one has access to this body and the authorities are trying to cover every track of this action by planning on burying the body themselves. People are kidnapped and beaten up by the police. The ministry of internal affairs of Moldova announced that there are 295 people who are arrested at this moment. Informal sources show that more than 1000 people are arested in the capital and other regions in the country. There were 40,000 people in the square on Tuesday, more than that on the internet who have the same intentions…is this what we should all expect from the government who is supposed to protect us?!

Proofs that could clarify one more time the set up of the events by the communist government on April 7th

I want you to know that it took me a couple of hours to decide to write this article. During that time I have discussed with many people and the majority of them told me that what I wanted to write was extremely important.

Here is the first video, made by people from Omega during a rally organized by the Liberal-Democrat Party from Moldova, that took place in February. This video had the purpose to confuse the voter and it was financed by Mark Tkaciuk, who was trying to discredit the party.

Thus, be attentive when watching the video, especially when it’s 1:15.

The next video was made during a rally organized by the party “ Our Moldova Alliance”. It was also sponsored by Tkaciuk. The guy seen in the first video is here, as well, but this time, as a member of the above mentioned party…Watch attentively when it’s 2:30.

Now comes the most difficult moment…The one that made me think a couple of hours about writing the article, as I already mentioned. As I told you, the ones with whom I discussed told me it was worth it.

Here is the ‘celebrity’ dressed in yellow. He looks very much like the guy in those videos. It is you who decides if it’s him or not. Here you can watch his ‘adventures’.

To all my international friends!!! pls spread the word about the terror that people are experiencing in Moldova

With no access to lawyers or visitors! Access to independent newspapers is limited and Most of the Internet Providers have blocked acceess to,, and other networking sites! I am using a proxy site right now to post this news. please futher read my post and inform others as well. I imagined that things could get worse in my country but I never imagined I will experience and see such crimes from the Police!

Young people that have been arrested in the last days after the protests in Chisinau took place were transferred last night from the police sections to the Penitentiary nr.13 Chisinau. Prisoners of the penitentiary informed us that young people had traces of brutal beatings, and when spoke during their transfer to the prison — were cruelly beaten.

Several prisons told us that during the night in the prison on the Bernardazzi street, Chisinau a real tragedy occurred. From 12:00 a.p. to the prison began to come cars that brought young defendants arrested last days on the accusation of being participated in protests.

Prisoners say that heard many female voices screaming and asking for help. For “disturbing the peace” the guards beaten them cruelly, and as more the women cried, the beats were more severe.

Several lawyers and attorneys in Chisinau that “Ziarul de Garda” contacted, have confirmed these facts. «I understand that severeal grpups of detaines were brought ot the prison. First- at 23.00, then at 24.00. Yes, we were told that they were beaten. Not yet have access to them. It is tragic.»
(Source: Ziarul de Garda)

You can easily use google translate.

I agree that the guilty people have to pay , but they are arresting everybody in a row without providing them the right to defend themselves, organizing closed meeting of judges, formal lawyers and giving them a conviction not in court rooms but, in the police stations, explaining that, they just want "to save time" The relatives dont even have the right to visit them and to give them clean warm clothes and some home food!!!

in the same time the police doesn't even try to find out who is the person that has put the flag of Eu and Romania on the top of the Presidency where on that roof only several key person has the access Due to this fact the independent free media from Chisinau is trying to find out who is the person in yellow from the next video :

how could he end up on the presidency roof when at the 4th floor there as very strict security and nobody could pass during the protests?

Please spread the word about the events you can see images, videos and articles on the following sites:
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We need your prayers !