Saturday, April 11, 2009

The reality behind the closed borders of Moldova

1. April 5th, 2009: Elections are held in Moldova. At this moment, frauds are already established and noticed by Baroness Emma Nicholson. She found it "difficult to endorse the very warm press statement" from the head of the OSCE. The problem was that it was an OSCE report, and in the OSCE are, of course, the Russians, and their view was quite different, quite substantially different, for example from my own," she told BBC News.
She said she and other observers had a "very, very strong feeling" that there had been some manipulation, "but we couldn't find any proof".

2. April 6th, 2009 at 3AM: the site was showing a clear vote of the communist party. Several hours before that, everyone declared April 6th the mourning day for Moldova. People were encouraged to bring a candle go out in the Main Square downtown Chisinau.

3. April 6th, 2009 10 AM: over 10000 people were protesting downtown the capital in a very peaceful way. NOTE: the National Television is doing nothing but showing soap operas on TV. Clearly, very few of the people from the province knew what was going on. The ones who did, found out through internet via: facebook or twitter. People who tried to get in the capital were sent back to their cities, and because of that they started protesting there. Thus Moldova still felt a wave that was going to get bigger the next day because this was only the beginning.

4. April 7th, 2009 10AM: People are out in the street. By midday they are almost 40000 people ONLY in the capital. Similar protests are organized everywhere in the country, Romania, Western Europe. At this moment, people notice provoker who starts throwing rocks at the president's building. Other ones joined in and incited protestants to violence seeing aggressive skin-heads (supposedly prisoners brought by the police in order to destroy everything) knocking down non-communist offices and stealing from their safes. The hidden safe where the MP's salaries were being held has been destroyed completely (only someone from the inside could know that the MP's haven't received their salaries yet). The fire brigade was not rushing to stop the blaze and blaming the crowd for not letting them pass, which is not true! Part of the building was burned down, and people continuously protesting downtown.

5. Later, the EU flag is put up on the roof of the Parliament building. Important to note: IT”S NOT THAT EASY TO GET ON THE ROOF OF A GOVERNMENT GUILDING. YOU NEED A KEY. And that was provided by the policeman who was caught on camera.

6. By the end of the day: Chisinau looks like an open museum. Later in the night, people are arrested and taken in unknown places.

7. April 8th, 2009: After a discussion with the opposition the president of the country DOES NOTHING but blame the opposition for vandalism and attempt to government overthrow. Later, the Romanian Ambassador in Moldova is declared “persona non-grata” and is told to leave the country in 24 hours…for almost no reason. He announces that from Thursday Romanians will need a visa to get in the country, and they will have to pay for it. (note: there is NO FEE for a Romanian visa for Moldovans).

8. As protests continue, the police dressed up as civilians, kidnap protestants, put them in cars, and take them to places where they are beaten up and clearly forced to sign forms that they weren’t attacked by the police.

9. Fear is spread among the population. Policemen are going from schools to schools and arresting students, college students are expelled from universities, police cars are at every corner, and the PRESIDENT does nothing but BLAME the population of getting what they WANTED. The National TV station is surrounded by the army with Kalashnikov weapons, waiting on any kind of small protests because it was announced that April 10th, 2009 Moldovan revolution is about to start.

10. Internet shut down, no way of communicating, journalists are kidnapped, there is no access to the real news, phones don’t work, the borders of the country are blocked.

11. As a result of the previous actions, people are afraid to get out in the street, HOWEVER: everyone who is outside of Moldova is protesting.

12. April 10th, 2009: NYC, Boston and DC as well as all the other big cities in Europe experience the so called flower protests.

13. At this moment, people are waiting for a decision that they don’t even know who has the power to make it and whether or not it is the decision they will want to hear.

14. This is a NATIONAL WAKE UP CALL, and AN INTERNATIONAL EMERGENCY CALL. WE NEED HELP. Living in a civilized world means living in times of democracy, living in times where dictatorship is only part of history. Put yourself in their shoes, how would you feel? Isn’t it at least your right to inform the others about what’s going on? This is a brief summary about the REALITY BEHIND THE CLOSED BORDERS OF MOLDOVA.

Things you'll NEVER find in your newspapers*

*mainly because all the information is mainly gathered from the Russian press..


As I keep getting many messages from people outside Moldova, I thought it would be much easier to write a note and explain everything here..I'll try to make it as eloquent as possible.

1. the elections on Sunday, april 5th, have been rigged...again

*thousands of people have reported to have seen strangers put down on the voting lists as living in their homes. this enabled double voting with the same ID in different voting bureau.
*thousands of people saw that their dead relatives and those who live abroad had already voted! (One particular example is a man, who has been living in Japan for several years, found out from his wife that he had already voted (she saw "his" signature on the voting list next to his name). to his amazement, this was not all. Their dead son had already voted as well!!!)
*people have been given money to vote for the communist party
*the police cordoned off several voting bureaux, thus people have been unable to express their vote.
*the communists warned all the rural population that, if they don't win, they're gonna take their pensions away, they're gonna become even poorer than they are atm yada yada yada...

2. Preliminary results showed that one in two moldovans voted for the communist party, which is sheer lunacy!

3. people were shoked and organised themselves (mainly yougsters) to protest the next day (monday, 6th) via the internet (facebook, twitter, NGO websites and blogs) and texts

4. although our fury was undescribable, the protest were peaceful up to one point, when a provoker (russian speaking, btw) started throwing rocks at the president's building. other provokers joined in and incited protestants to violence

one of the proofs:

5. things started getting out of control, HOWEVER the police did not intervene. there is video evidence where the Minister of Internal Affairs, gheorghe papuc, is telling the policemen "let them do what they want. let them ruin everything".

6. the same happened with the Parliament. meanwhile, the highly corrupted state TV is showing belly-dancers and balloons. Because the State TV is the main source of information thoughout Moldova, the govt controls the population by only airing unilateral views (theirs, obviously) and discriminating the opposition and the protestants.

7. people reported seeing agressive skin-heads (supposedly prisonners brought by the police in order to destroy everything) knocking down non-communist offices and stealing from their safes. the hidden safe where the MP's salaries were being held has been destroyed completely (only someone from the inside could know that the MP's haven't received their salaries yet). the fire brigade was not rushing to stop the blaze and blaming the crowd for not letting them pass, which is not true!

the skinheads, in the front rows of the protests when the Parliament and the Presidency have been destroyed

8. also, the fire has been set alight FROM THE INSIDE!! (there is video evidence of "fumigènes" (smoke grenades) being thrown from the roof) what Voronin did, has a historical precedent: in 1936, Hitler set fire to the Reichstag (the german parliament) so that the communists aree blamed for it. So voronin made sure that all criminal evidence of his party are destroied. this is due to be proved using CCTV camera tapes.

9. The EU flag has been installed on the Parliament's roof. to get on the roof, you need a key to pass trough a solid metal door. a policeman was spotted standing right next to the "protestants":

2 Conspirators and 2 policemen.

10. Voronin found a "bouc emissaire": he is now blaming Romania for everything because the Romanian flag has been installed as well (those who know me probably recall the times when I said "I am Romanian as well". That's because here, we all are, at the end of the day).
They declared the romanian consul in Moldova -persona non grata; and introduced visas for the Romanians when entering Moldova. in 12 hours, the law was passed and already functioning. they might not let anyone leave or get in because they might call this an "extraordinary situation" in Moldova, reason why I might not see you guys again, at least in the near future.

11. the police, dressed up as civilians, atack the protestants that were passing by and beat them up and drag them into cars and drive in an unknown direction:

12. Oleg Brega, a renowned journalist from was caught filming the policemen beating up inocent, peaceful protestants. he was then attacked by 4 policemen, beaten up, got his two video cameras taken away and left in an unconscious state in the middle of the road. Today (THURSDAY, april 9th) he left for further checks at the hospital, but his colleagues cannot get in touch with him atm... His brother, Ghenadie Brega, went missing a couple of days ago because the special forces are hunting him down for everything that happened on Monday, as if he organised the whole disaster.

13. these couple of days, the internet connections have been shut several times.
The secret forces are trying to ban all NGO blogs.
They are jamming cell phone reception and listening to phone conversations.
They're not letting people get into the country.
They arrested three romanian journalists from RealitateaTV. They cannot be found anywhere at the moment.

14. today, hundreds of people have been arrested in their schools, universities, homes. people have been rang to be questioned about their personal data. I was gonna go out tonight to see some friends, but my parents wouldn't let me simply because the police are now aggressing anyone that's passing by. Many parents still don't know where their children have been taken.

15. What is truly heartbreaking is that the international press DOES NOT CARE about what is REALLY happening here, although Emma Nicholson, the british OSCE representative said she strongly disagrees with the final OSCE press release, where they said that the election in moldova was fair and within the laws. however, most OSCE representatives are from Russia...

The reason why they are not telling you THIS, is that Moldova is not a strategic point and is therefore not needed. Plus, the EU and the USA don't want to have problems with Russia, which has long infiltrated itself in Moldova (Trans-Dniestrian army could attack us, those on the other side of Nistru, at any point now).

16. The opposition succeded in obtaining the voting lists and have 4 days to prove that the election has been rigged. this however doesn't necessarily guarantee new election, .

17. Tomorrow, we've organised ourselves to have a massive protest against all the govt's crimes, especially the ones produced this week. However, a source from the inside says that the security are planning on attacking the protestants. There will be provokers that will try to enter the government, thus giving the police an alibi to start shooting!!!!!
Despite this, I am personally determined to protest tomorrow, along with many others

We don't care anymore if they shoot us!!
we don't care if they send us to Siberia, as they did with our relatives years ago!!
we've had enough humiliation!
we've had enough of the russian subjugation!
enough of Putin's empire ruling our country using communist marionettes!
enough indifference from the Occident!
Moldova is the only unresolved case after the Second World War. We need help from the outside.. There's nowhere we can go for help here!! The police, who are meant to protect us, is ruled by the government and is commiting crimes that bring us back to the savage times during Nazi occupation in Europe. But it's not our fault for all the sufferings here and we deserve to be treated as humans and saved from this totalitarian regime.

violence has never been the answer to a conflict.
this is why, as a sign of peace, tomorrow we will be offering flowers to policemen.

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