Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Witnesses talk about the dead guy


Tonight, about an hour ago, I received the following things that have to deal with the death of the young man who was declared dead as a result of the protests from April 7th.I have to mention for the pathetic people from the Social Security Information not to bother with the IP address, I am from Romania and you can bite your hands because of that. So:

Declaration of the witness from the night of 7th to 8th April, at 12:50-1:05AM:
So that young man died as a result of the intervention of the special agents from Moldovan KGB at 1AM. I know the exact hour because I was a witness of all the events that were happening at that time.
A group of young people, about 30, were going to the National Square, towards the cursed booth where they sell newspapers, rechargeable cards, that is located right at the intersection of Puskin Street and Stefan Cel Mare. That was around 12:50AM. As, this group started taking down the booth across from it there around 10-12agents, you could easily notice them who were talking on their cellphones (it was 12:55am and a group of people I were on Stefan Cel Mare blvd. by McDonald’s.)
At one moment the group of agents started attacking everyone with electrical shocks and beating them up with their feet in their heads (you could also hear shot guns), some of them were thrown in cars, one of them was a Mercedes Vito, grey color (taxi looking), other cars had their windows dark grey.
After approximately 5 minutes, I noticed how 50 policemen and some other agents were coming from the “Eminescu” theater direction. (I presume that it was Fulger, who, saw us on the other side cursing at us.) They had AK47 weapons, but without shields.
In that moment, I went closer to the Moldova Postal Office and then I ran down Vlaicu Pircalab street, I got to see that they started shooting and beating everyone, they put everyone down, and beating them with the weapons, including the people from the other side of McDonald’s, who had nothing to do with the protest (some of them look like Arabs, or maybe just guests of the capital). I saw all these while being at the corner of the Postal Office Building.
Three of my friends and I are probably the only witnesses who saw the real situation (and who clearly got to escape from that fight that ended up with dead people.) I would like to add that as soon as the Policemen from Fulger came, the agents stepped back.
I believe that between 1:00Am and 1:15AM that guy was killed either by the 12 agents from Moldovan KGB or by the Policemen, what actually corresponds with the time of the death that was declared by the doctors.
My personal ad:
During the night of April 8th, around 12:36AM, a message from the same guy who was a witness at the previous tragedy, on my messenger, a message that said that he saw exactly the same thing posted on IRC. Here is the message:
On April 8 early in the morning, at the emergency hospital, under the ramp that leads to the emergency section, out of the police car Niva with the MAI numbers, was thrown the body of a 20 year old man. A policeman yelled: “Look at him, he seems to be in a bad condition”, after which he got in the car and left.
The witness who declared the above doesn’t want to give his name for understandable reasons, even if he understands the importance of giving out his name. We asked him to give our conversation for publication but he didn’t even want that. At least this is the beginning point in the investigation.

Source: Curaj.net

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