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Voting Fraud from April 5th 2009 – statistics

Population vs Voters

Population vs Voters listed

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Demographics of the population during 2004-2008

The population was reduced from 3 607,400 citizens in 2004 to 3 572,700 citizens in 2008
There were 365,221 people of age 15-19 in 2004 and in 2008 – 327 472, a reduction that could be listed as “new voters”
The number of people who died has considerably increased (in 2004 – 41 668, and in 2008 – 43 050 citizens)
The birth rate was negative in 1999, 5000 citizens. In 2007 the negative birth rate was 5077 people.

The main lists

On 17 March 2009 CEC approved the main list with 2 549 804 voters .
From the Information on the count down of the votes of electoral population ( in the main list of the elections from April 5th were included 2 583 129 citizens which is 33 325 citizens more than what it should be.
In the official information - the number of people included in the main list is 2 564 710. What documents confirm this surplus of voters in the list?

The main lists – dynamics

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CEC: Press Release

Thursday, March 12th 2009
For immediate release
The Central Electoral Committee explains the creation and verifying procedure of the electoral lists.
The information concerning Moldovan voters, that was obtained from the Government Population Register of the Ministry of Information Development and was distributed through CEC in the counties, has a consultative purpose and cannot be taken as the main information to create the electoral lists.

CEC: Press Release

Tuesday, March 17th 2009
Press Release
To be released immediately
CEC officially announces the number of voters in Moldova
CEC announces that the process of making and verifying the electoral lists was finalized by the local public administration agencies. According to the information received on March 17th, there are 2 549 894 voters on the electoral lists.

The main lists - conclusion

CEC didn’t assist with the creation of the main lists
The main registrars never verified the lists they received from the Ministry of Informational Development from CEC, on the contrary they added 33 325 people (Hânceşti – 18 094, Ungheni – 5217, Nisporeni – 6000, Călăraşi – 5188, Căuşeni – 4322, Cantemir – 3329)
Thus the main responsibility of overvaluing the lists belongs to MID. CEC must limit MID’s interference at the lists formation. CEC was supposed to stop the counting of the or to solicit additional information for the 33 325 that were included in the main lists.
There are no disputes from the vote registrars about any kind of errors that were made in the electoral lists.

Additional Lists – 117 563 people !!!

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Additional lists

In some places, such as Soloneţ Soroca district, the vote was mostly based on additional lists (the list included 461 base voters, and the lists included additional 334). If in urban areas these lists have any explanation, then in rural areas these are lacking it completely.
Conclusion - Additional lists had a significant role in the process of fraud election.

Fraud Schemes

- Increase in the electoral lists of the number of voters - with 356 962 citizens comparing to the 2007 elections
- Inclusion in the list of additional to 117 563 citizens
- Total - 474 525 citizens, with 21.3% increase compared to 2007
- Information gathering from children whose parents (one or both) work abroad (Ministry of Education and Ministry of Information Development)
- Issue massive sheets accompanying the ID card and the form 9 (Ministry of Information Development)
- “Registering" unknown people at the residence addresses of several people (Ministry of Information Development) - the State Register of Population held by MDI
- “Resurrecting the dead" in the lists of basic and "participation" to vote


Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin has signed a pronouncement on conferring the Order "Gloria Labor" to Pavel's Buceatchi, Minister of Information Development. The distinction was awarded for work prodigiously in the public administration and special contribution to building an informational society in Moldova.
Signed pronouncement on April 7th and published in “Moldova Suverana” on April 13th 2009

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