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Voronin is awarding his evil-doers


Communist authorities from Chisinau have promised apartments to policemen. Amnesty announced by Voronin can not be applied in law, but awarding policemen - yes.

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Policemen dressed in civilian forcedly picked up young people off streets and put them in prison.

Moldovan Minister of Internal Affairs, Gheorghe Papuc promised them bonuses totaling three police salaries, but also apartments.
They took these responsibilities as a token of thanks for not taking off on the provokers of the crowd who instigated the destruction of the Presidency and Parliament buildings during the protests of April 7, says the publication "Time".

Amnesty, dust in eyes

As far as the young people who were kidnapped and taken to police station where they are locked in, they will not enjoy the freedom too soon since amnesty announced Wednesday by President Voronin can not be put into practice.

First, a law must be approved by the Parliament, and the new Legislative was not yet formed, writes "Ziarul de Garda".

Some analysts are of the opinion that Voronin wants to motivate such a request to the Constitutional Court to validate sooner the results of the elections to allow the legislature formation.

Attorney Victor Panţâru who ensures Anatol Mătăsaru’s protection, known for his protests against the new communist authorities, said that the order of freeing the retained persons wasn’t given at the Police Station where his client is retained.

He believes that this amnesty is a plot of the regime to "wash hands" of the issue of children and young people detained. Moreover, after his announcement Voronin Mătăsaru was transferred from the General Police Station to prison no. 13.

However, the General Trial Court announced that they had "initiated the process to revoke the measures of repression in the form of arrest, which were applied to persons who participated in actions of mass disorders in the April 7, writes" Jurnal de Chisinau ".

Torture continues

Shocking testimony about the inhuman treatment imposed on young protesters continued to appear in the press over the Prut.
Ion Cretu, II year student at the College building in Chisinau, has been detained by police near the Sun City store in April 9.

He says he was beaten with a plastic bottle filled with water in order not to show traces on the body. Now he has unbearable back pain. Cretu says that in another cell, right next to his, there were girls who were naked and beaten with legs and weapons.

Edwin Berry, UN representative in Chisinau, said he managed to talk with 40 people in the insulator 13. "From what I saw and heard from around 40 young people, I can declare that this is a serious human rights violations: the application of inhuman and degrading treatment, fencing right to legal advice, fair and adequate conditions of detention" , the UN expert said.

The third dead person

Another parent from Soroca town, was notified by police that his son, Eugen Tapu, aged 26, died. " The Body is almost unrecognized and was put by theauthorities in a hermetically sealed coffin," said Eugen’s father for the publication "Ziarul de Garda". Eugene’s sister added that they said he died nine days ago, that’s why he was placed in a sealed coffin.

On the other hand, Valeriu Boboc body of another person who is believed to have died in the actions authorities will exhume and examine in the presence of international experts.

Although he was hit in the head and neck, he had fractures and bruises, the Prosecutor General said that he died of poisoning with unknown substance. Ion Ţâbuleac young parents, the second died of communist repression, have been notified that it was a suicide, although the victim's body were traces of violence.

“From what I saw and heard from about 40 young people, may find that the serious human rights violations.”

Edwin Berry

UN representative in Chisinau

Source: Adevărul

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