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Voronin has followed Hitler's example


Anton Gamurari, Major-General of Police: "Voronin has followed Hitler's example"

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General Major of Police Anton Gamurari participated in all the special training for troops of the Ministry of Internal Affrairs, from the first company created under the battalion patrol and sentry, then the former Omonia. On 5 December 1991, by a government decision, the special police brigade “Fulger” was formed which was led by Anton until 1997. I asked him to tell us his expert opinion on the events of 7 April 2009.

- General, how do you evaluate the events from April 7?

- It was a peaceful demonstration, but I suspect that what happened later was a tactless challenge. Unfortunately, all the people in the street didn’t have organizers willing to lead them and to coordinate their actions.

- Who organized the challenge?

- Young people were contacted over the internet to gather, without any specific purpose. I suspect that this order was amended by the Service and Information Security, which who has access to all the information and the necessary equipment.

- How do you reason this assumption?

- Besides SIS, MIA has tremendous equipment. Basically, we have three ministers – MIA, Center for Combating Economic Crimes and Corruption and Special Mission Agency. It's a huge conglomerate of officials who only harm the country. The fact that the governing officials say that they eliminated criminals is only fairy tales.
Now, instead of the criminal world, came government organizations. Police and CCECC occupied this niche. I was recently in Stefan-Voda district and some colleagues told me directly that the former criminal world today is connected with all power officials, including with the Communist Party. They have one task - to maintain power and to do as they wish.

- What were the causes that started the protests?

- It’s no longer a secret that the basic reason was the fraud election. At one point, the Communists had over 60%. And they were scared, and the chairman of the Central Election Committee, Eugene Ştirbu had heartache. It was a paradox - that PCRM has 70-80 mandates, while opposition parties - 41. As if the parliament should not be constituted of 101 members, but of over 120. Communists needed two days to cover things. Everyone voted: the dead, those working abroad, and citizens of the place with multiple residence documentation. Thus, there are hundreds of thousands of extra votes. About a year ago, an official of SIS was placed at the Ministry of Informational Development to be responsible for public records. The man was committed to his job.

- And what happened next?

- In order to hide the fraud elections, something had to be done. That’s when they gathered the young people and ordered them: "Go ahead." Suddenly, there were leading groups very well-trained. All young people, as those from the square, but with short hair cuts, were wearing sports clothing, and who have provoked others: let’s go to the presidency to parliament! In addition, where did they take rocks? I remember that on 10 November 1989, when MIA was attacked, there were brought trucks with stones, and behind the steering wheel of the KAMAZ trucks were KGB officers.

- What do think has specifically provoked the protesters?

- Many of them didn’t even realize that they came to protest against the fraud of the election. That's why they there were several dozen young people who challenged them to different actions. This was an obvious thing. They were throwing stones, they climbed over the windows, they even went under the water hoses. The challenge was from their side. A former colleague from the Presidency told me that not even the bodyguards, knew how to reach the roof. Access to the roof was limited to a number of people. How did that young guy install the flag? Only accompanied by police and security.

- How did the police act? Could the acts of vandalism been avoided?

- Sure. MIA has two powerful structures - police brigade of special purpose regiment and "Scut" that has people to safeguard any object of primary value to the country. How can someone easily give in those two buildings? It was enough only one of these buildings to be put in danger in order to block the access to go further. Now, they claim that they didn’t use those methods because protesters were young and they didn’t want to beat them. I wonder: but then why have then been beaten? Why are they still maltreated? I do not think Valeriu Boboc died because of an unknown gas. A young man of 23 years cannot easily die because of some gas, especially when other people were trapped.

- Why didn’t they block the access to the buildings?

- Because that wasn’t the intent. Several lines of defense were supposed to be formed. On 14 May 1991, indeed, was prepared attempted government overthrow, linked to the dismissal of Mircea Druc. There were six lines of policemen. Young people were sitting on the asphalt. When deputies got out of the parliament, young people got up and broke the six lines. It was a horror scene that can only be seen in movies. With only 50 policemen we fixed the lines and managed to send everyone to the main square. I wonder how 50 police were then deciding the fate of the country, and now hundreds of policemen couldn’t?

- How you think why Voronin has ordered the withdrawal?

- In order to blame the youth and on the leaders of opposition parties for what happened. And he succeeded. Just for now. People aren’t like Voronin's, they have an open mind and understand why things were done that way. I witnessed how some leaders of political parties were trying to calm down the young people and ordered them to go in the square, but not go to TVM, as some were provoked to do.

- After the withdrawal of the crowd, why wasn’t the guarding of the buildings ordered?

- Police stood behind the buildings. It could have started guarding the buildings very simply. It was expected though that the people should go further to destroy the buildings. The acts of vandalism have been instructed by some groups of young, educated by the service. You won’t find those people among those detained, because they fulfilled the order of the leaders. Police are still hunting through education, arresting and maltreating the young innocent people, who had nothing to do with acts of vandalism.

- It is true that Voronin monopolized the power in the country?

- Everything works to enrich and defend Voronin empire. The business in Moldova is held by two persons - Oleg Voronin and Oleg Smirnov, both millionaires, who have control over the republic's energy resources. Voronin pretends to know nothing about it , and openly argues with Smirnov, when the two sons of theirs get along very well. The slogan launched by the Communists in elections "For a European Moldova” has no sense, because, in fact, they orient us to Eastern Europe. Voronin has seriously affected not only relations with Romania, but also with the whole EU, and that had its purpose.

- Who is guilty of what happened on April 7 in Chisinau?

- The Communist government and, above all, President Voronin. To maintain power, he followed the Hitler’s example. He gave orders to burn Moldovan Reichstag. Sooner or later he will have to answer for what happened. Youth needs a European future, not to be his slaves, since after graduating from educational institutions; they are basically thrown in the streets. Everyone wanted a change after April 5th. If that didn’t happen, it is communist regime’s fault who fraud the elections and caused the events on April 6 and 7. It's a tough lesson and it should be taken into consideration by those who are still yet to power.

- Thank you for the interview.

Source: Timpul

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