Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Victims of the Government

On the 12th of april Valeriu Boboc, the first victim of the police slaughter taking place in Moldova, was buried. How many more innocent protesters will follow?

The events that followed the protests on the 6th,7th and 8th of april continue to shock Moldova:
officially there are 200 hundred people arrested, while press sources say the real number of detainees has grown to 800.None of these people is guilty of what they are accused-the devastation of President’s Hall and Parliament’s House, which, in fact, was done by violent provokers, some of them prisoners and policemen, controlled and guided by puppets of the Communist party. The majority of the arrested people are between 18 and 23 years old.
While each one of them is literally slaughtered beginning with the street where they get caught on by officers dressed in plain clothes, and continuing with the police commissariats, the representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs says that prisoners’ rights are respected.
Besides this, there is a great list of people reported missing since last Tuesday. “Nobody knows where they are. We are directed from one commissariat to another ,but we get no aswers!” say parents, whose panic and tears don’t disturb the authorities.
The only reason why these young men and women get arrested is for being seen in pictures and videos taken at the protest, for having passed near the government building or for having spoken: ”Down with the communists!”! Until this day the mass-media was constantly receiving reports concerning the abuse of power by the policemen. And they will continue to come, even if those who were arrested were threatened to remain silent. Valeriu Boboc, a young men of 23, was the first victim of the inhuman treatment of those meant to protect him. Althought the injuries are a proof of a violent death, the police says that it happened because of the intoxication with an unknown gas. ”The multiple body injuries were considered scratches by the prosecutor.” says the lawyer. Valeriu was married and had a one and a half years old son, for whom he meant the world. “We’ve been searching for him, going from one commissariat to another. They announced us Friday,april 10th, when he was dead for three days already. He has a fatal injury on hid forehead. Is this the result of the intoxication? It’s pure murder!” says the grandfather of the victim.
Meanwhile, there are new cases of brutality manifested by policemen, that the authorities deny. Damian Hancu, a law student from the University of Lyon, who came home to vote, was arrested because during the protest, he was helping several journalists from Sweden. “They threw me to the ground and started hiting my head, my back, my hands. They were beating me with legs, too. I thought I wouldn’t survive after such a torture.” The outcome of the brutality is a commotion, fractured fingers and numerous bruises. Damian was forced to sign papers stating that he was a provoker and that he was paid to participate in the protests.
Police proves its inhuman ways to treat the detainees by another horrible fact: some young women were abused sexually. This was the result of the refuse to cooperate with the law forces. One of medical workers, who examined some of the detainees confirmed it. In the same time, two reporters of “Ziarul de Garda” were threatened with sexual abuse by the representatives of the police during an incident that took place on the 8 of april, near the House of the Government. Although the authorities claim that there were no women arrested, several students told the press that they were beaten along with men and abused verbally. ”They told us that police does its job well and we shouldn’t forget this.” said a young woman, who was arrested with her friends in front of the President’s hall, the night of the violent protest. Police authorities continued to arrest people after april 7th,too, explaining it by having video proofs of their the participation in the violent acts.Thus, 6 students from an university were literally kidnapped by unknown plain-clothed people during their lunch break. “Ziarul de Garda”, mentioned earlier, has numerous photos and videos of plain-clothed men running after, beating and arresting by-passers!

There are families who,to this day, don’t know were they sons and daughters are. According to several sources, many detainees were sent to other cities because of the lack of space in the prisons in Chisinau. Edwin Berry, the representative of UN in Moldova, visited a penitentiary with some of the protestants recently and was shocked by what he was told. The majority of them said that before the penitentiary, they were held in groups of 25 to 28 people in cells of 8 square metres, with limited acces to water, sanitary facilities and no food for two days.
But this is not all! Journalists are also targets for the authorities! Oleg Brega, operator for Journal TV, was cruely beaten by several plain-clothed men, who also sequestered his camera. The reporters of another publication-“Ziarul de Garda”-were threatened by police, as well. The violation of the freedom of press extends to journalists from other countries,too. Dorin Dendiu, a reporter of the Romanian channel TVR, was accused of infringement of the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova.”I want to specify that throughout the period of my stay in Moldova I haven’t done anything considered as a violation of this country’s laws, except a time when I ignored the red light and drove on.” At a conversation that he had with two officers, Dorin Dendiu was told to leave Moldova as soon as possible. “They didn’t let me announce the Romanian Embassy about the conversation, nor have they given me the possibility to contact my lawyer. It was a discussion against my will.”
This article can extend to tens of pages if I include all the violations of the human rights, that are taking place right now in our small country. All that is done against us, the people of Moldova, has an evil script writer-the communist party, who tries to still our Romanian identity, our rights and freedoms and our future. The only way to stop the injustices in Moldova is to be supported and helped by the whole world. What are you then waiting for?

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