Wednesday, April 15, 2009

US Ambassador Chaudhry Wakes Up to Reality

After having bowed obediently at Voronin’s feet on Friday, US ambassador at Chisinau finally takes a stand towards the situation in Moldova. Mr. Asif Chaudhry has criticized Saturday the arrests on Moldovan journalists and students after the protests which took place during the last days in the Moldovan capital, in an interview given to the press agency Infotag.

“We have received direct complaints from the journalists who were subjected to intimidation. We have seen tv footages showing that journalists and students were agressed”, stated the American ambassador.

“We are deeply concerned about retaining journalists and students, which was done without any founded reasons; we are also concerned about the pressure done on teachers to stop students from going to demonstrations. Such cases, as intimidating journalists or any other citizens, must not take place in a democracy”, added the ambassador.

A much tougher stand took the Romanian - American community in the US, who decided to send a complaint to the State Department.

“As American citizens of Romanian origin, we are deeply concerned about the actions the secret police took against the population in the Republic of Moldova, after the demonstrations against the communist regime, which frauded the elections recently ended.

Hundreds of people were arrested and beaten, young women abused, local reporters deprived of liberty, and their Romanian colleagues detained and expelled over the border without any notice, motivations and against the international law of press.

The Romanian ambassador, a country which is an important ally of the US in the region and an important NATO member, was also expelled on false charges of his country’s implication to instigation of the population to demonstrations and rebellion.

In spite of these facts, the Ambassador of the US in Moldova congratulated president Vladimir Voronin for the so-called “adequate reaction” to the events, without taking a strong and clear stand, as a representative of the American people as owner of a real democracy, both towards the violation of the human rights to free speech and peaceful demonstration and to the terror enstated after the rebellion ended.

Also, Mr. ambassador Asif J. Chaudry had no reaction about the expelling of his colleague, the ambassador of Romania in Moldova.

We, as citizens of the United States, we are shocked by the stand that the American official took and we consider that it caused prejudices to our credibility in the region. Consequently, we ask for his removal from his position, or to be recalled back home to the State Department of the United States.

The United States must take in this situation a strong stand in supporting Romania, its important ally, in a moment when this country is target of false charges expressed by the last communist regime in the region, the one in Chisinau, hostile to democracy and real freedom.

The United States, as real guaranteer of democracy, must condemn the provocations, harms, torture, arrests of the young and other people in the Republic of Moldova, who exercised their basic right to demonstrate freely. The arrested people must immediately be released.

Any action of our country will show that America does not agree with the abuse of a nation by a out-of-date communist regime which can destabilize the region, with serious consequences in Europe”.

The Romanian - American Community

11th April 2209

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