Sunday, April 12, 2009

To all my international friends!!! pls spread the word about the terror that people are experiencing in Moldova

With no access to lawyers or visitors! Access to independent newspapers is limited and Most of the Internet Providers have blocked acceess to,, and other networking sites! I am using a proxy site right now to post this news. please futher read my post and inform others as well. I imagined that things could get worse in my country but I never imagined I will experience and see such crimes from the Police!

Young people that have been arrested in the last days after the protests in Chisinau took place were transferred last night from the police sections to the Penitentiary nr.13 Chisinau. Prisoners of the penitentiary informed us that young people had traces of brutal beatings, and when spoke during their transfer to the prison — were cruelly beaten.

Several prisons told us that during the night in the prison on the Bernardazzi street, Chisinau a real tragedy occurred. From 12:00 a.p. to the prison began to come cars that brought young defendants arrested last days on the accusation of being participated in protests.

Prisoners say that heard many female voices screaming and asking for help. For “disturbing the peace” the guards beaten them cruelly, and as more the women cried, the beats were more severe.

Several lawyers and attorneys in Chisinau that “Ziarul de Garda” contacted, have confirmed these facts. «I understand that severeal grpups of detaines were brought ot the prison. First- at 23.00, then at 24.00. Yes, we were told that they were beaten. Not yet have access to them. It is tragic.»
(Source: Ziarul de Garda)

You can easily use google translate.

I agree that the guilty people have to pay , but they are arresting everybody in a row without providing them the right to defend themselves, organizing closed meeting of judges, formal lawyers and giving them a conviction not in court rooms but, in the police stations, explaining that, they just want "to save time" The relatives dont even have the right to visit them and to give them clean warm clothes and some home food!!!

in the same time the police doesn't even try to find out who is the person that has put the flag of Eu and Romania on the top of the Presidency where on that roof only several key person has the access Due to this fact the independent free media from Chisinau is trying to find out who is the person in yellow from the next video :

how could he end up on the presidency roof when at the 4th floor there as very strict security and nobody could pass during the protests?

Please spread the word about the events you can see images, videos and articles on the following sites:
Site in 3 languages English Romanian and Russian :
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I will add new notes when ever i will be able to log in facebook again, Unfortunately this proxy site makes my typing speed decrease !
We need your prayers !



  1. Cum studentii Moldoveni de peste hotare pot ajuta? inafara ca sa distribuim informatia prin networkuri?...:(
    Trebue de adresat la Curtea Europeana pt Drepturile omului din Strasbourg

  2. De aia şi am creat pagina în engleză să vadă toată lumea ce se petrece. Trebuie să arătăm tuturor cum se poartă autorităţile cu noi