Thursday, April 16, 2009

Third Death


The body of a 26 year old young man, Eugen Tapu, who liked to play rugby, was brought to Soroca by the police in a closed coffin. They left the death certificate for his parents, without offering any comments and left.

Tomorrow, April 17, the lifeless body of Eugen Tapu will be buried. The family doesn’t know anything regarding the cause of death. According to Victor Sau, the mayor of Soroca, there is a link between Eugen Tapu’s death and the protest from April 7 because the police refuse to provide further explanations and the dates of his death and the protest’s day are the same.
After being contacted, Tatiana Tapu, Eugen’s sister said that: “He died 9 days ago and we don’t know anything about it.

The Mayor of Soroca stated that the young body is in a condition of decay. "I called priests from Soroca and we will be tomorrow at the funeral. Nobody knows where he was found. Police did not provide any information. There is a link between the protest and the April 7 death of Eugen Tapu, because police refused to provide further explanations and date of death coincides with the date of meeting at the Parliament and the Presidency ", he said Victor Sau.

Just as a reminder, the press has written about two other young people who died after being maltreated by the police, after protests from Parliament and the Presidency.

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True Moldova:

This is the 3rd official victim. One thing is for sure: in all three cases there were attempts to cover the cases, but it didn’t work out. How many of those did they manage to do that though? There are over 1000 young people missing…

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