Monday, April 20, 2009

They all fear of the UNION!


I am not surprised by the fact that nobody assumes the role of the leader of the rebellious masses of youth and adults, who are shocked by the present situation in Bessarabia.
The future deputies-candidates from the opposition parties (the Liberal Party[PL], the Liberal-Democrat Party[PLDM] and "Our Moldova" Alliance[AMN]) fear that those who protested will ask the reunification with Romania (which would be a right thing to be done), and, as a consequence, they will lose their wished parliamentary mandates. I am stronlgy disappointed in Dorin Chirtoaca, especially because I voted for his party.
If one wants to be a leader, one should know that there might be a time when a sacrifice for the sake of his people will be needed. It is not enough only to expect to be elected. I want to recall Iurie Rosca's example (head of People's Christian Democratic Party[PPCD]) that everybody
should keep in mind. (Iurie Rosca was once a true protector of our national values and an anti-communist, but due to the money he was offered he couldn't resist the temptation and became Voronin's ally) Still, Rosca doesn't care about what Moldova thinks of him- he and his children have a secure future now,since Iurie and Vladimir, our president, are such buddies. So if the opposition parties, together with Chirtoaca, want the same future as Rosca, they're on the right path.
Until this day I can't explain why there is no solidarity with the young people who have protested. I don't understand why the opposition leaders claim that they weren't the organizers of the protests. I don't get how they're going to prove that the elections were rigged, because everything has been planned in advance and the fact that the opposition would dispute the results of the elections was taken in consideration, as well.
Think about this: communists control the justice system, the Central Electoral Commission, the Information and Security Service, Police ans so on. It is obvious that they all have done their best to hide any traces of frauds! It wouldn't surpise me if the re-counting of the votes showed that 100% voted for the communists!
As we know, out of 2,549,804 voters who were included in the lists,59.50% of them voted,which represents 1,536,144 people. Try to remember the 'magic number' - 1,536,144. According to the official statistic data, outside of Moldova, at the time of the elections, there were 627,959 citizens
with the right to vote, out of which only 15,000 people voted, so 627,959-15,000 = 612,959 citizens had no opportunity or desire to express their right to vote.
If out of the total number we exclude those who haven't participated in the elections, being outside of country, we get 1,936,845 potential participants who were in the country. If we compare the number of those who voted, acording to the official data, with the number of the potential voters who were in the country, we get 79.3% - the attendance at the elections. That means that 4 out of 5 moldovans, who were at home on the 5th of april, voted, which is very close to the times when 99.9% voted. Times that thought would not be back! This is why I wrote above that it wouldn't be a surpise if the re-counting showed that 100% of the votes where for the communist party.
I took into consideration the official data, but if I could make a correction to these data, it would be:
1) the number of those included in the lists of the 2009 elections has increased from nowhere with 146 thousand voters since the 2007 elections;
2) the number of those who are not in the country is higher with aproximately 200,000 people than the official number;
When we summarize, we get: 2,549,804 - 146,000 = 2,089,804 voters on the lists of the 2007 elections,
627,959 + 200,000 = 827,959 moldovans from overseas on the elections day,
827,959 - 15,000 = 812,959 moldovans abroad who didn't vote,
2,089,804 - 812,959 = 1,276,845 people, who were in Moldova at the time of the elections and were able to vote.
According to CEC (the Central Electoral Commission) 1,536,144 people voted. Compared to the number of the 1,276,845 people, who were in Moldova at the time of the elections and were able to vote, we get an election attendance of 120,3%!
Wow, either these 20% are our deceased relatives, who can't live without the communists even in paradise, or aliens, who were included in the lists, being unhappy with the dictatorship of their galaxy and wanting to support Voronin so that he would remain their leader forever!
So these 20% represent 400 000 voters, if we consider that the attendance at the elections was 100%. Otherwise the number of dead souls is even greater.

An eventual reunification of all the Romanian territories could be a salvation from communist plague for us.



  1. "An eventual reunification of all the Romanian territories could be a salvation from communist plague for us" Sunt din Romania, si ma bucur ca sunt Romani adevarati in Basarabia, care nu au uitat de Romania Mare, Romania interbelica, perioada de glorie care trebuie reiterata. BASARABIA, Buceag, Bucovina de la nord, Cadrilater, Pamant romanesc

  2. Sa dea Domnul sa apuc sa traiesc reintregirea.Amin.