Thursday, April 16, 2009

Terror Police Tries to Cover Up

Although hit in the head and backhead, has a broken ribb and is full of bruises, the law authorites say he died intoxicated by an unknown substance.

Valeriu Boboc, one of the detainees in the aftermath of the events on the 7th of April, died in the arrest of the police. The General Prosecution Office of the Republic of Moldova say he did not die by the torture of the policemen. According to them, his death followed after an intoxication with an unknown substance. Ala Boboc, the boy’s mother, does not believe his son died because of gas intoxication, as she was told when she went to take him from the morgue.

“He’s hurt at his head and backhead, has a broken ribb, it’s no accidental trauma. He was beaten to death. We’ll do all we can to find out how that was possible”, cries the young man’s mother. She last time talked to him on the phone in the evening of 7th April, between 6 and 7 in the evening, and he told her he was at the protest place, downtown the capital. Valeriu was a greengrocer in the Central Market, and after work, they went to the National Assembly Square.

“On Tuesday evening, he did not come home. We had heard that a person had deceased, we had a feeling that it could be Valeriu, me and my husband had heart aches. We could not contact him. We have only been informed on Friday, abiut his death..” she tells us crying. Vitctor, the boy’s father, works as a taxi driver. He tells us that, at about midnight of 7th April, he was in the proximity of the destroyed Parliament and Presidency buildings. “I heard screams, shootings. For three days we could not find Valeriu, I had a feeling he was not alive anymore”. According to the father, he had a deep wound in his temple. “One could see he was dragged by his elbows. He had many bruises on his hands, and body. The police told us he was found dead on the protests place”, adds Victor.

On the 5th of May, Valeriu would have been 24 years old. He left behind aggrieved parrents, his wife Natalia and a little boy, Dragos, aged one year and 8 months.

Source: Free Moldova

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