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A Successful Hocus-Pocus


The facts I am going to present below are the results of a whole week of monitoring the events that took place on April 6-7, 2009. Even thought some parts of the puzzle are missing, the image is quite clear, and can be seen by everyone.
I shall begin with this picture… A car, Jiguli 21:07, that has more than 20 years, came in the front of the Presidency Building, got into the crowd, among the thousands of protestants, though the residence of EUTV is 300 meters away from the building…Why is that? We are going to find it out below.

Further, another picture, a picture you have seen on this blog before…The marked person is Ion Duminica, a front-rank person in PPCD, under the 26 number on the Party list. What is Duminica holding in his right hand? A police buckler…

Let’s go further on. This time I’ll make a call to a video clip. The 26th second is the most relevant one, this is the second we see the same Ion Duminica, that is in the front line among the destroyers.

Now I am going to refer to the video material that stood at the origins, the video material without which probably I wouldn’t spent my nights writing this. The well-known material of Jurnaltv – “Who is the person in the image?”. But I want to point not only one of them, but 3.
Beside the “Man in Yellow”, pay attention to the minute 2.18 (have you seen him some where else?). I bet you did!
There is also the “Man in Grey Jacket”, you can find him at the minute 2:39. This one is giving the same indications as the “Yellow man”: ”we are not against you, we are against communists”! Really?

Further, let’s analyze another picture, a very relevant one. The main hero is the “Man in Grey”, who is by the way, an ex member of PPCD… His name is Andrei Plop. Where do I know so many details about him?
Check this video!

So, in this picture, Mr. Plop is reporting via a walkie-talkie.

I think the script is becoming clear for all of you, but let’s add a piece in the puzzle. It refers to the video report from EUTV. Via this, Iurie Rosca tries to prove that the two guys who put the EU flag on the Parliament building and on the Presidency Building, are just two well intentioned young persons, who did what they did in order “to calm down the spirits”….
Indeed, Iurii Ivanovici!? Did you thing we would believe? From the very begging the declarations made by the two persons arise serious doubts.
Because it is difficult to believe that a 17 years person cares about “calming the spirits”. Also their serenity of speaking arise big doubts, they are calm, even they are at MAI. Just pay attention to how easy they speak, it’s like singing, and when they forget something, they are helped by the “teacher”….

Let’s use one more photo. Whom we see on it? Is it Dragos Musteata?
Yes, it is, just he looks different, longer hair. Why did Mr Musteata cut his hair so fast? Does he want to hide? Ok, agree, the way a person looks is not the most important detail. Please look at the Mr.
Musteata’s face, the one full of peaceful initiatives, polished by his brilliant intelligence. Doesn’t he look like an employee who is obedient and is listening to the indications of his boss. Pay attention to his humble look and to the look of his boss, who stays on his left side, giving orders…

Further a new video...an extremely important one. What do we see there? A guy dressed in red, carrying a rucksack, that is breaking one of the parliament doors. “What a brute!” will you say with anger! Poor Galatchi and Musteata, they are trying to calm down the spirits, but the brute in red is vandalizing the parliament. Even more, on the 20th second, he is approaching two persons and makes an exchange of documents. Is it the map of the Parliament Building? After this, the second one is coming closer, both receive precious indications, and they continue to vandalize. Who is the brute in red?
Oh, we can see it at the 44th second. This is our pacificator, the one who wanted to calm down the spirits, his name is Ion Galatchi! Is the second one Musteata? Maybe…

So, what are the conclusions dear friends? There are 5 guys, one car and a television!
Ion Galatchi, who is dressed in red or in yellow, who calms down the spirits or breaks the doors, who carries a little black rucksack or a big, grey one. Also, there is another guy, Dragos Musteata, an intelligent guy, who polishes the ideas, but who is humble when receiving orders. Musteata is the one who on Tuesday had a haircut, and on Saturday, another one.

Let’s not forget Mr. Andrei Plop, a former member of PPCD, who is “not against you, but against communists”. How can he be against you when he is one of yours, and communicates with you via a walkie-talkie? Also, in the image there is Ion Duminica, the president of the Christian-democratic gypsies. The one with a police buckler, standing in the first lines.

The 5th guy is the one from the video clip number 2. At the minute 2:18. It seems he resembles somebody, doesn’t he? Let’s leave some place for the mystery here…

We also have a car, Jiguli 2107, from ’88, that belongs to EUTV. That cursed television and hated by everyone, EUTV, the television that attacked the opposition during the whole electoral campaign. What was that car dong there, taking into consideration the fact that the office of this television is 300 meters away from the Presidency Building. There were tens of journalists, and none of them came with a car.

Ok, I’ll tell what that car was doing there. It came there to instigate the spirits. To madden the protestants. The protestants that took on the provocation, like a bull when seeing the red color (the behavior is logic) and in a moment they turned upside down Rosca’s car. Anyway that car did not worth more that 1000 Euros, and even if it were completely destroyed, the damages wouldn’t be too big. Please, do not forget hat EUTV is provided with cars and buses that cost thousands of Euros, but…those cars did not came….

Two more things to say about EUTV:

The first one is the TV show “Epicentru”, on Monday evening, the show that presented the candles meeting with a unique objectivity on Rosca’s television. At the end of that talk-show, Praporsic even remembered the youth that the next morning there will be a protest meeting.
The second one is that on the 8 of April, EUTV did not broadcast at all, even Praporsic promised at the end of the Monday show, that on the next day, at 21.30, his quest shall be Iurie Rosca. Why EUTV did not broadcast at all?

These where the pieces of our puzzle. If you understood something, it means I did not work in vain for a whole week, collecting the details.
P.S. : I do not incriminate anyone; these are just doubts, followed by big interrogation marks!!

I am writing this text because I want to set light on several things. I am neither an inquirer nor a detective, am not at least journalist who is making investigations. I am a young person who is fed up with all the manipulations and misinformation that we are obliged to live, day by day. I am fed up with Nit, N4, Omega, Moldova1 or EUTV. These televisions are only concerned with misinforming and brainwash.

The article “A Successful Hocus-Pocus” arose controversies among the readers. Even a great majority agreed with me, I received some notifications that the guy in yellow and the one in red are different persons. Ok, I did not deny this for a single moment, that’s why I even inserted a post scriptum to that article, in which I said I do not incriminate no one.

I just one to set light on some facts that are extremely confusing:
1. Why neither the name of Ion Ghilatchi, nor the name of Dragos Musteata, do not appear on the lists with arrested persons.
2. Why the MIA (Ministry of Internal Affairs) did not ensure equal rights for all the arrested persons? I saw some of them that were giving amazing testimonies, all the body covered by bruises ad traumas, while our heroes flt no stress, and one of them even wearing sunglasses. Not only Musteata and Ghilatchi were worthy of such a treatment, but also the other arrested persons, imprisoned in 6 square meters rooms, in each room about 20 persons.
3. How did Mr/ Musteata manage to change his haircut so quickly? This is a phrase from a comment “You noticed it correctly that Dragos had a haircut meanwhile. When he managed to do it? Where? Under arrest? Why? Was his hair causing discomfort? Additionally, it is known that the arrested persons were taken all the personal things. Why then Dragos, being under arrest, still has his sunglasses, and more than this, while interrogated by MIA , is wearing them, exactly like on 7th of April.
4. What were doing among the protestants Ion Duminica and Vlad Cubreacov, taking into consideration the fact that Rosca swear that no one from his party was there. It was proved that Rosca’s oath is worthless, and the leader of PPCD is as dumb as a fish.
5. If the guy in red is not Ghilatchi, than who is he? Maybe now, he is in a prison, beaten up? Or maybe he is a free and is feeling ok, even it is clearly seen he deserves a surcharge for vandalizing. Not beaten, but surcharged.
6. Why the Prosecutors’ does not come up with daily reports, to communicate where the prisoners are, how do they feel, are they beaten or maybe they are giving testimonies wearing sunglasses??

There are also a lot of confusing things, which me and you, dear readers, want to clear up. We want to find out who are the guilty persons, responsible for he events that took place on April the 7th!
Who is going to help us?

The loop is getting tight
As I tried in the previous article to prove that PPCD has an important role in the events that happened on 6 and 7 of April, here appeared another proof, that makes us believe more and more that Mr. Rosca is behind of the so called “PUCI”.
Want to say a big “thank you” to those who are helping me with proofs.

Source: analizemd.blogspot.com

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