Monday, April 13, 2009

Son is cleaning father's mess


The company owned by the son of the Moldovan president, Oleg Voronin “was invited” to clean up the Parliament and the Presidency, after the protests that took place on April 7th. Opposition says that the same company will work on renovation with the money taken from the fund for Education

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No one knows how Oleg’s company ended up working in the buildings. Newsin sites that Serafim Urechean comments that “Glorinal” the company owned by the president’s son will renovate the buildings. His suspicions appeared when workers of the company were taken by surprise by reporters. Here is a picture of them cleaning up the building.
The same uniforms can be seen and in other pictures where people clean up other wings of the buildings. This was also confirmed by AMN’s speaker, Victor Osipov.
“It is quite clear the intention of the authorities to have this private company get involved and not any other ones. Even the speaker of the government declared that he doesn’t know the contract of the firm that transports the waste from the buildings. Voronin asked to have the renovation started as soon as possible. About financing the renovation of the building that will be done from the resources of the education institution whose representatives protested on April 7th.
The cost is about 300 million lei or about 26.8 million dollars that is without furniture and damaged equipment. Voronin asked for EU’s support to repair the buildings. The newspapers wrote that Glorinal Company belongs to Oleg Voronin and that no too long ago, its director was given the Order of Republic medal by the President himself. Oleg Voronin’s has an estimated fortune of 2 billion dollars and he owns two companies on in Iasi, and another one in Vaslui. He is also the owner of many real estate properties in the capital on some of the best protected streets in Chisinau. He owns a real financial empire in the construction as well. He renovated Codru hotel, where many western diplomats live, and he builds luxury homes on terrain that previously belonged to the government.
According to one recent investigation, his name is also related to commerce of eggs and surrogate mothers, where the administrator was one of the former bodyguards of the president’s son. The main financial instrument of Voronin family is the FinComBank, whose president, Oleg Voronin and his dad has stock of 5 million lei according to the income declaration. The bank was taken care of the best way possible: the Moldovan Rail Road as well as the national phone company transferred their accounts in this bank. At the same many of the employers of different ministries received their money on cards issued by this bank. Among the stockholders of this company is also president’s daughter, Valentina Rusu, who has 5% of the stock, his wife Taisia Voronin who had over 8% of the stock in 2003.
The conclusion is the one of the millionaires of the world lives in the poorest country in Eastern Europe, and may not necessarily sell drugs to have that fortune, but definitely ruins lives, steals from people and has no ethical standards whatsoever.

Source: Cotidianul

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