Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Second Communist Murder in Moldova of the 21st Century


The mayor of Chisinau, Dorin Chirtoaca, said Tuesday that he has received confirmation of the second death after violent actions towards protesters done by the communist authorities.

Dorin Chirtoaca says that the victim is Tibuleac Ion, a young village Bolohani, Orhei district, suffered several injuries - broken ribs, internal bleeding, and broken leg. "You can notice bruises on the head and face. He had already been buried because the family did not publish this information immediately. We will try to find new information and relatively more about this case," Dorin Chirtoaca provided.

According to the mayor, the family says he "was thrown like a dog" under the steps of Emergency Hospital in Chisinau, and they weren’t allowed to enter in the morgue. The family was notified that the supposed reason of death was electrocution: "The family is in shock. On April 7, the guy went to Chisinau with another friend and didn’t return. Some of his acquaintances said that that say they saw scenes on TV with Ion along with other protesters, "said Dorin Chirtoaca.

The mayor of Chisinau argues that, unfortunately, in Moldova cases of torture, inhuman and degrading treatment in places of detention, arrested people continue to happen. "Unfortunately, up to date we have not seen an adequate international response - except one person, a representative of the United Nations for Human Rights, who came in one prison, nobody else in international bodies attempted to document directly. We haven’t even seen people from the international community or the Committee for the Prevention of Torture here in Chisinau, who would go to the stations and stop the terror, "stated Dorin Chirtoaca.

Jurnal de Chisinau wrote Tuesday that on the night of April 7, following the events of the capital, the body of a young man was thrown from a car of the Moldovan Ministry of Internal Affairs in the courtyard of the Emergency Hospital in Chisinau. The victim had broken ribs, deep wounds in the head and a fractured leg. According to witnesses, the lifeless body of a young 22 years was thrown from a white car; brand Niva, the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The next day, parents and Tatiana Semion Tibuleac received news from doctors at the Emergency Hospital that their son had died electrocuted. They were asked to come to the hospital morgue with clothing for the deceased.

According to Semion Tibuleac, Ion’s father, the parents weren’t allowed to see their son. They saw the body after it was dressed. "One of the workers told me that he was brought by a Niva car, white, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and was thrown into the yard of the Emergency Hospital. He was wearing only his pants and a T-shirt. We weren’t allowed to see the clothes that he wore before. I found that he had a broken leg, and broken ribs. He had deep wounds in the temples "the boy said his father.”Our boy did not have any documents on him. First we were told that they have found him in the street. If he had been found like that, incidentally, in the street, may I ask how did they manage to find out who he was and where he was from on second day and got in touch with us to let us know that he is dead,” said Tatiana, Ion’s Mother.

Ion was buried Saturday, April 11. Parents have not consulted a lawyer, but say they want to know the truth about their son’s death.


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