Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The reveolution in Moldova

After one week from the parliamentarian elections, the oposition leaders that wan the elections, Liberal Party, Liberal Democrat Party and Our Moldova Alliance, organised a protest against communist terror. These parties opted for the eliberation of unguilty students, beatten by police officers and being blamed for the violent actions, elimination of new visa regyme between Moldova and Romania (EU), the access to voters lists and organization of repeated elections.

Immediately after elections, thousands of young people protested the results of elections in front of the Presidency and the Parliament. For the Communist Party, about 50% of the population voted and only three oposition parties entered the parliament. This was a peceful protest, organised by civil society, Hyde Park and Think Moldova, supported by a journalist, Natalia Morar, expelled from the Russian Federation.

The next day, on April 7th, a group of 100 young people devastated the Presidency and Parliament. The Communist Party missuses the public TV to desinform citizens that these violent actions had been organised by the oposition.

The oposition political leaders denied that they could be the authors of the scenarium and blamed the communists for the diabolic plan of state overturn, for which the young people were used.

During the protstes of April 12th, the provocations from the Communist Party continued. A red bus tried to pass over the protestants, even if the roads were closed. Then, a lady went on front scene and sccused the oposition that her son was arrested. When the tention got seldom, she yelled that Iurie Rosca is the authentic leader. (Leader of Christian Democrat Party).

The Moldovan citizens will only know the frauds after Easter. The ballots started to be recounted and the access to the voters lists have not been facilitated by the Central Electoral Commission, under a decision taken by the Court of Apeal.

Source : Natalia GhilaƟcu

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