Sunday, April 12, 2009

Proofs that could clarify one more time the set up of the events by the communist government on April 7th

I want you to know that it took me a couple of hours to decide to write this article. During that time I have discussed with many people and the majority of them told me that what I wanted to write was extremely important.

Here is the first video, made by people from Omega during a rally organized by the Liberal-Democrat Party from Moldova, that took place in February. This video had the purpose to confuse the voter and it was financed by Mark Tkaciuk, who was trying to discredit the party.

Thus, be attentive when watching the video, especially when it’s 1:15.

The next video was made during a rally organized by the party “ Our Moldova Alliance”. It was also sponsored by Tkaciuk. The guy seen in the first video is here, as well, but this time, as a member of the above mentioned party…Watch attentively when it’s 2:30.

Now comes the most difficult moment…The one that made me think a couple of hours about writing the article, as I already mentioned. As I told you, the ones with whom I discussed told me it was worth it.

Here is the ‘celebrity’ dressed in yellow. He looks very much like the guy in those videos. It is you who decides if it’s him or not. Here you can watch his ‘adventures’.

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