Saturday, April 18, 2009

Police mistreated the parliament's electrician


The electrician who works at the parliament, Vasile Şendrea, was mistreated by the police even in the building of the legislature, as after the night of April 7, he remained in order at work to prevent any kind of electrocution accidents of both the firefighters and the protesters. Şendrea came to the emergency room with a fractured leg and a back full of bruises, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs hasn’t paid any money for the treatment.

Sendrea’s case shows once more that MIA lies one more time about the reporting that they do not apply physical force towards the protesters who participated in the square on April 7th. When the devastation of the parliament building started, says Şendrea, his bosses ordered him to remain on site to light out in case of firefighters’intervention. "My mission was to disconnect the power source on all floors where fires could break. When parliament caught on fire, firefighters could not extinguish, because they would have been electrocuted" said the electrician.

Vasile Şendrea was attacked by policemen at night, around one o’clock, on one of the halls of parliament after he turned off the lights on several floors and was trying to get to the basement. "I was walking through smoke, and couldn’t see anything. Some policemen showed up in front of me and began to beat me. They took me as someone else, I believe and they were yelling: "Down! Down. “I tried to tell them I work here, but they hit me with a bat over my legs and I fell. I was constantly hit in my back with bats until they realized who I was. Then I was taken into my office and left there," reported Şendrea V. He got to the hospital himself, although he had several fractures to a leg and he also paid out of his own pocket for the medical care: "Now my leg is plaster and my back still has traces of bruises. I do not know what will be after this if they will compensate me for the cost, because I bought the medication with my money. I was just working. If I had left everything and ran away, they would have blamed me for running away"says the electrician.

According to V. Şendrea, the first room of that was allowed to be burned was the Permits Room, where he was called to help firefighters work. There is a video on the blog of Alex Cozer that shows this. You can see Ion Galiţchi (young person who stated thatt he installed flags of EU on the buildings "to calm down the masses") receiving some documents from a man suit, after which he breaks the door of the Bureau, where he shoves in a lot of paper, which was then lit. Yesterday, the MIA Gheorghe Papuc, said in a meeting with Edwin Berny, UN representative in Chisinau, the police does not maltreat those detained or arrested on April 7 ...

Source: Timpul

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