Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The police continuously stop teenagers on the streets of Chisinau


A couple of people signal us that during the last couple of days police patrols are stopping teenagers on the streets.

Today, on the Dacia Boulevard (Blvd. Dacia) from Botanica quarter, Chisinau, around the Budapest shop a police patrol stopped a group of children that were going to school. The police men asked each one of them where they are going, who they are and other details. The children were under 14 years old and they were not accompanied by an adult, while the law doesn’t allow interrogating children in the absence of a lawyer, tutor or parents.

In the same way, yesterday, on the Stephen the Great Boulevard (Blvd. Ştefan cel Mare), next to the Fashion Center (Centrul de Modă), a police patrol stopped a group of children, aged in between 12 to 14 years old, asked them to open their bags and verified their diary and other personal stuff.

The Interior Ministry didn’t offer any comments about this fact, declaring that the board of the Press Office is having lunch.

Source: Ziarul de Gardă

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