Friday, April 17, 2009

The police announced the family that Eugen hung himself with footwear laces


The family of Eugen Tapu says the police declared that their son was found hanged in a building in Chisinau, who hanged himself with footwear laces. Eugen weight over 80 kg, and has no ordinary cut throat specific to suicide.

The aggrieved family of Eugen Tapu told us through tears that they had been advised to go to the Riscani Police Station of Chisinau city to pick up the corpse of their son. They were told by the police men that Eugen was found hanged with his own laces in an abandoned house in Chisinau, after a few days after he supposedly ended his life.

The family has doubts regarding these assertions on the basis that: Eugen weights over 80 kg and the laces would have not resisted; Eugen has no cut throat which normally would have appeared after spending a few days suspended by those laces; Eugen was a joyful guy and he never showed signs of pessimism or depression.

Other relatives informed us that Eugen’s mother is abroad and is expected for the burial ceremony. Initially, the family has announced that the burial will take place on Saturday in order for his mother to succeed to come. However, pressure is being exercised with the purpose to have the burial done on Friday, the reason invoked being the advanced stage of body’s decomposition.

There are no independent forensic medical experts In Moldova.

Source: Ziarul de Gardă

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