Friday, April 24, 2009

Petition by the community of Moldavian students in Strasbourg to the European Parliament


Strasbourg, April 22nd 2009,
Petition by the community of Moldavian students in Strasbourg to the European Parliament

In regard to the April 5th Parliamentary elections in the Republic of Moldova and the subsequent protests on April 6th, 7th and 8th, we would like to bring the following to the European Parliament:
I. The results of the popular vote have been heavily tampered with during the voting process and in the course of the electoral campaign by the repeated violation of national electoral laws and international norms of conduct:
  1. The elections have taken place in a climate of severe misinformation of the general population at the hands of the ruling party, through the control of the state-run media and a series of politically active television stations;
  2. Opposition leaders and independent journalists have been intimidated by means of fabricated criminal charges;
  3. Current electoral legislation has been revised in order to ensure the victory of the Communist party: the electoral threshold has been raised from 4 to 6%, the constitution of political blocks has been prohibited. The ruling party has refused to open additional polling stations, thus ignoring the repeated requests of the Moldovan citizens working and residing abroad. A law imposing that a candidate give up his second nationality in order to become eligible, has been adopted in what is a clear violation of the September 18th ruling of the European Court of Human rights.
  4. Several thousand deceased citizens as well as Moldovan citizens working abroad are believed to have cast their vote during the April 5th elections. There have also been cases of individuals casting multiple votes.
  5. The electoral ballot has been validated by the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Moldova on April 22nd, in spite of the evidence of electoral fraud, thus testifying to the lack of independence of the judicial system.
Consequently, by illegally exploiting the electoral system to the advantage of the ruling party, the Central Electoral Committee has declared the Communist party victorious with 49,80% of the votes and 60 seats in Parliament.

II. Following a series of anti-communist protests, mostly by young people, the Moldavian government has resorted to a series of tactics, which can only be qualified as remnants of a totalitarian regime meant to intimidate participants:
  1. In reaction to the vandalism perpetrated against two state buildings, the ruling party has wrongfully accused the opposition of orchestrating a coup;
  2. The Communist party has also wrongfully accused neighbouring Romania of interfering in state affairs and of actively taking part in the alleged coup; the party has also instigated protesters to violence and the profanation of state symbols;
  3. The government has severely hindered the circulation to Moldova for Romanian and in some cases Moldavian citizens;
  4. The government has violated its obligations under international law by expelling Romanian ambassador Filip Teodorescu. Furthermore, the introduction of a mandatory regime of visas for Romanian citizens is in direct violation of the cooperation treaty between Moldova and the European Union, signed by the former;
  5. A wave of terror has been launched against protesters and alleged protesters, civil activists, independent journalists, high school and university students. These actions have resulted in the death of three Moldovan citizens and the arbitrary arrest and torture of several hundred others;
III. Deeply worried by the deterioration of the state of human rights in the Republic of Moldova, in the name of the Convention of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms ratified by Moldova, we ask:
  1. That Moldova be sanctioned by the Council of Europe for the flagrant and repeated violation of European norms;
  2. That the international community not recognize the fraudulent results of the April 5th elections, furthermore, that the international community condemn the undemocratic environment in which these elections have taken place.
  3. That the international community take an active role in stopping the instauration of a totalitarian regime in Moldova;
  4. That an investigation be launched aiming to investigate the reported cases of torture and murder and sanction the individuals and institutions responsible.


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