Thursday, April 16, 2009

PEN Moldova statement

The PEN center in the Moldova Republic, an affliliate of the World Writter’s Association based in London, vividly protests against de terror, violence and intimidation campaign set off by the communist government after the parliamentary elections from the 5th of april 2009.

The communist party has been promoting in the last 8 years, since its has been ruling in the Moldova Republic, a policy of brutal limitation of the human rights: it has suppressed the freedom of expression, has systematically teased the independent press, has underappreciated the independence of justice, has been sustaining measures of epuration based on political criteria of the public workers in the state administration, has been developing a hateful offensive against the national values of the Moldova Republic, by bringing back to life Stalinists concepts regarding the native language and ethnic origins of the Moldavian people.

The recent election campaign has been marked by numerous breakings of the law, this including a virulent campaign for denigrating the opposite democratic party and the usage of the administrative resources by the communist party, without all of these abuses being fought and punished by the ones technically abillitated to supervise and protect the obedience of the normal laws. With the purpose of trying to limit the chances to succeed in the elections fight of the opposite party, and to reduce their loss in the elections, the governing party has introduced a series of discriminating, antidemocratic changes in the election laws, has refused to open more voting sections abroad, which will have helped all the moldavian citizens that are working abroad – that’s about one million people, according to unofficial statements-, ignoring numerous internal steps and recommendations from the international associations regarding these facts.

The tensed situation in the society, after 8 years of imperative government from the communist party and president’s Vladimir voronin, has reached its climax during these last days, as a result of big suspicion regarding a massive fraud in the elections that took place on april the 5th, by the communists. Incapable of producing new arguments, or to talk to the political forces and the civil society, the actual government has chosen the hard way: a way of confrontations and political persecution, trying to distract the public opinion’s attention from the charges regarding the stolen elections. As to be read: as to detonate the peaceful protests of all the young people that took place on april 7th in a series of violent incidents and attempts to destroy buildings of the state – actions to which law enforcement did not know how to handle.

During this very moment, Moldova looks like a real police state: the police have arrested about 300 young men and women, students and highschool students, under the acuse of participating to non-govern protests. These young people, according to own statements and those of the witnesses, are being bedeviled and poorly judged in the police sections, without having the lowest of their rights respected. During these days the violence and reprisals have also recorded, unfortunately, a tragedy – the death of a 23 year old young man, death which occurred in suspicious surroundings which are to be brought to light. The law enforcement have brutalized independent mass media journalists, have intimidated and exiled many foreign press journalists who wanted to show the truth about post- election events in Moldova. The communist government has created, truly, an informational barrier: the web sites from the independent press are barely functioning, the national television post continues the task of not informing the people by offering only the point of view of the communist party, some international tv posts that showed interest in the events in Moldova have been banned. The protests on the 7th of april have served a good reason for the communist power to freeze relationships with Romania – a state member of UE and NATO -, of which they accused, without any proof, of complicity to a possible coup d’etat organized by the opposing parties. The Romanian ambassador in Chisinau has been exiled, and a new visa regime has been installed especially for Romanian citizens, by these actions breaking the agreemet that Moldova has made with UE. They have even forbidden access to Moldova for its citizens in Romania, stating that they could be potential enemies of the communist regime.

Regarding the major political crisis that has ruled the past few days, The Moldova PEN center insistently asks the actual power to cease the human rights breach: all those arrested under the reason of participation to the 6th and 7th of april protests are to be released; these people have the right to benefit of a fair and truthful trial.

The Moldova PEN center demands, along with other civic organizations, an international an impartial investigation which is to clarify the guilt and liability related to the acts of violence and vandalism that were registered on the 7th of april in Chisinau.

The Moldova PEN center invites all political forces to initiate a dialogue, a real communication, which allows the stopping of the actual state of confrontation and dissidence in the society.

The Moldova PEN Center demands the communist authorities to nullify the censorship and informational embargo which it has installed, to allow access to all political forces and the deputies of civil society to the state television and radio, and not to create obstacles in the activity of the mass media deputies from abroad.

The Moldova PEN center demands the Chisinau government the restoration of normal relations with Romania and to nullify the visa regime for Romanian citizens.

The Moldova PEN center asks the international community, UE and the United States, to support the legitimate claims of the Moldovan citizens regarding The Moldova Republic in the democratic and European arms of evolution, and not to allow the changing this state to a Russian and communist one.


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