Monday, April 13, 2009

One of the provokers involved in the protests of Parliament and the Presidency is in general search site for robbery


One of the young guys, suspected to be one of instigators at Parliament and the Presidency protests, who incited the violent actions, seems to be in general search for committing a robbery, based on art. 187, 2nd paragraph from Moldova’s Criminal Code.

You can find on the site of the Ministry of Internal Affairs that Vladimir Andrei Gutu, born 14.12.1986, is investigated under criminal case no. 2007030220, initiated in the art. 187, 2nd paragraph CP RM. The file search is no. 2008030069.

See below the picture of person who is under general search from the MIA’s site, who looks very much alike one of the young, which the press has written that he would be one of provokers of the Parliament and the Presidency protests.

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The article reproduced below 187, 2nd paragraph of the Penal Code, for which this young criminal is investigated:

(2) Committed robbery:
a) repeatedly;
b) two or more persons;
c) by a person who wears a mask, or disguised;
d) by entering the room, in another place for storage or housing;
e) with the application of non violence to the life or health of a person or threat of application of such violence;
f) the infliction of damage to a considerable punishable with imprisonment from 4 to 10 years with (or without) fine in size from 500 to 1,000 conventional units.

How was it possible that a young criminal to walk freely in the capital, without being caught by the police? Who are the other young people around, which seem to be part of the same gang?

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