Sunday, April 19, 2009

Moldova. Truly has risen!


[Moldova. Truly has risen]

Threats. Beatings. Terror. The law of violence. Journalists, students or even high-schoolers kidnapped from the street. These are terrible images that have been spotted by those who have followed events in the last week in Moldova.

The way the police and Vladimir Voronin's speeches reacted to the events have reminded Romanians of the cruelty the anti-communists protesters were surpressed in University Square in Bucharest in 1990, and also of Ion Iliescu diversion and manipulation . This isn’t surprising, as Iliescu and Voronin as "scholars" of the same place - Moscow. Neither Romania nor EU says it can say they don’t know reality from Chisinau and can not be deceived by the lies of Voronin and his partners.

Surprising, therefore, is the lack of response and indifference from the Romanian authorities and the representatives of the European Union. The terror in Chisinau flagrantly violated the essential rights and freedoms of human rights and freedoms which, at least at the declaratory level, are the basic values of the European Union. A passive attitude in the face of these crimes is at the same time, evidence of cowardice, a denial of their own principles and, worse, a moral complicity with criminals from Chisinau.

Hundreds of thousands of Moldovan citizens are at the same time: Romanian citizens, and implicitly, Europeans. So what happens in Chisinau is a problem of Romania and the European Union. Both Romania and the European Union must get involved so that these rights and freedoms of citizens are protected and respected!

But regardless of politicians’ weaknesses, Romanian and European alike, of whose change their minds as the wind blows from Moscow, the young people who have conquered fear and went out on the street in Chisinau should know one thing: they are not alone!

Watching their courage demonstrated in the few days before the wholly Easter holidays, that we can say with certainty that Moldova has risen. It has risen, indeed!


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