Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Ministry of Internal Affairs asks NDI chief, USAID worker expulsion


Today, the NDI Chief (National Democratic Institute), Alex Grigorievs, was escorted to the MAI (Ministry of Internal Affairs) Migration Office headquarter by the interior collaborators where he was accused of illegal stay in Moldova. Tomorrow at the Center Judge’s Office this foreign official expulsion will be decided.

According to the NDI chief lawyer, Costel Tănase, Grigorievs was escorted today at MAI for being accused of illegal stay in Republic Moldova. Alex Grigorievs is present in Moldova since 2004. In September 2008 his stay permit was going to expire, but in august he submitted the documents for prolonging his stay permit in Moldova. “Since then, from august 2008, he was told that his documents were going to be ready soon and that he will receive them soon. In all this time, he asked over and over again when he can take his document, but he wasn’t told that he will never receive them. He discussed even with Stratan, but today he is accused of illegal stay in Moldova” says the lawyer Tănase.

Today Grigorievs went from MAI to the Center Judge’s Office where he was informed that tomorrow, at 4:15 pm a process will take place for deciding if he will be expelled or not and if he will pay a fine and the amount.

Source: Ziarul de Gardă

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