Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mass arrests at the Medical School in Chisinau


Distinguished editors:

You are the last ones that the students still have trust. I don't know the situation of other students but the students at the University of Medicine are living in true terror. There are waves of arrests every day. Every day 12-15 of us are being taken away.

Yesterday it happened right under my eyes and of other colleagues - a cop with accompanied by 15 masked riot police, flashed some orders from some institution - from the Ministry of Internal Affairs or the dean. He had pictures of colleagues some of whom weren't even in the square because we were all in class, and just took them away. In evenings, at the Malina Mica student residence hall, things are even worse - in front of the dorms usually there is a police van and they even do raids assisted by the Dean. Our only refuge is the library where we arrived relieved every day when we manage not to get arrested in the frequent raids - we stay here because we are afraid to go to our dorm rooms, but I heard that tonight they will also come here. More – it's being said that with the Easter holidays they will come to take us from our homes, from our parents’ places. We are very scared, not knowing what to do. We put together a committee of several people and wanted to go out in public to declare what is happening in our university, but we have been betrayed by the Dean himself and the Heads of the Departments together with the Rector. Two people from the committee have disappeared; we suspect they have been taken off the streets because we have not seen them anymore. We are afraid to tell anyone about this, because we might be betrayed, we are afraid to go alone on the street because you might be arrested and nobody would know what happened to us, we are afraid to go in pairs or three because we would then be suspected of plotting and be arrested, afraid to talk about what is happening because in one of the groups a teacher discussed on Monday with the students about the arrests and the next day they were arrested. We feel that those arrested feel less terror than us, the ones who never know what will happen to us next.

There are also lots expels without reason; they say that by the order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Since when the MIA gives orders to expel students who were successful in their studies, never missed classes, didn’t participate at protests, but just happened to pass by the square because the public transport sometimes does not run on bd. Stefan Cel Mare and they had to walk through Main Square?

This happens here.
We cannot live with the terror.
Please help us!

Medical School Student

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