Friday, April 17, 2009

A letter to Obama

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Mr. President,

I have been following recent events in Moldova and was distressed by the lukewarm response and low coverage they received in the United States. I write to urge you and your administration to act and in no uncertain terms denounce the human right abuses of the Communist government in Moldova.

For the past two weeks hundreds of young Moldovans have gathered in the capital of Chisinau to peacefully demonstrate the irregular and corrupt elections held in the country on April 5. These demonstrators are protesting ongoing suppression, censorship of the press and media, infringement of basic rights to move freely. The Moldovan government, however, engaged in arbitrary retaliation against some young protesters, as recorded by the UN.

Demonstrations against anti-democractic abuses have therefore spurred more serious, unacceptable infringement of human rights, as reported by Financial Times and other leading newspapers. International observers denounced serious breaches of human and constitutional rights committed by the police. The latter arrested at least 400 students, many of whom were peaceful protesters.

These young men were beaten at police stations, imprisoned without access to lawyers, exposed to inhumane and degrading treatment, and forced into confessions. Video reports denounce significant abuses and ongoing violent police behavior. One young man was found dead after having been tortured by the police. Journalists, NGO leaders, and members of the opposition have been harassed and intimidated as well. Citizens are denied access to information as local and international media channels and internet access is being restricted and shut down.

Moldova is on the verge of losing the democratic achievements it made since independence and the international community is doing little to prevent this disaster. I sincerely urge you to make a public statement about the situation in Moldova and denounce human rights violations. In doing so, I ask you to reinforce the credibility of the United States in its commitment to democracy and universal respect for human rights.

Update: officially 4 young men beaten to death.

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  1. Thank you. I've been wanting to do this, but I wasn't sure how to go about it.