Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The interview of one of the young people detained by the police and secret services


On April, 12 my family and I went to the catholic church as we do every Sunday. At a certain moment during the ministry 2 groups of filming have entered the building, one of which was EUTV.

After filming for about 15 min they briskly walked out. The team from EUTV was back in the building after a few minutes and suddenly, their operator has fixed the camera on me, for about 5 min. This seemed suspicious to my relatives and me. After the service we started to walk home altogether as a family. At the Presidential building’s corner a white car stopped and a few well built men have come out of it. One of them asked me if I speak Romanian and if I am from Romania. I told them I was local so they asked for my ID. Unfortunately I didn’t have one, so they forced me to get into the car, saying they will beat my entire family otherwise.
They have taken me to the Center Against Organized Crime and Corruption . From what I have seen, this is the structure that was involved in catching the innocent people in the streets. The collaborators have started to curse me, threaten me with torture and yelling that I am not a patriot, rather a traitor. From their words I understood that the trigger for the arrest was the “Basarabia Pamint Romanesc”(“Basarabia Romanian Land”) t-shirt I was wearing on that day.
They have forced me to watch the videos from the protest. In one of them I was behid the parliament building screaming ”Jos armata lui Papuc” (“Down go Papuc’s army”, Papuc being the Minister of Internal Affairs). The collaborators after seeing this sequence have started beating me and screaming, how did I dare to mention the minister’s name? and why do I raise my hand like a fascist. I tried to explain that it was a “v” sign for victory, but they didn’t want to listen, calling me a fascist further on. One of them tried to force me to confess that I was one of the leaders of the group of protesters. I kept saying I wasn’t. Then just to find a reason to detain me, they have incriminated that I resisted the arrest, which was also not true. They didn’t grant me a lawyer although I had the right to have one.
After the interagation I was taken to Buiucani sector police department where I was threatened again to be beaten to death. I was told that I will be under trial on Monday on administrative art 176 and put into cell.
In the same cell there were 2 more young men who were arrested during the protests. One was there because he has taken a radio from one of the buildings and the other one only because he was an active participant in all anti-communist movements. Surprisingly it was the latter who was beaten savagely several times. There was particularly one guy who came often and just seemed to release his negative energy on the poor fellow. They have forced him to falsely confess that he was paid by V. Filat one of the opposition leaders to participate in the protests. The other guy told me that in the prisons there are about 1000 protesters.
I have seen 2 girls as well, they were beaten even worse than the men, with the policemen’s shields and legs. The policemen forced them to hold the shields in their hands and then 6 persons kicked the shield at once. None of the prisoners was allowed to call their parents or given medical health.
Each night 12-15 people were taken to Taraclia, a small town outside Chisinau, well known for the cruelty of its police.
After merely surviving this night I was taken to trial on Monday. Luckily the judge found me innocent and I was released. This nightmare was over but for over 1000 young men it is only the beginning.

Source: Curaj.net

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