Friday, April 17, 2009

If you are involved in the protests, then you will never be able to leave the country


"If you are involved in the protests, then you will never be able to leave the country", that’s how Moldovan students are intimidated the police and Moldovan KGB.

Moldovan students who are studying in Romania and are coming home during the Easter holidays are taken first to the police station for an investigation with an agents from the Moldovan KGB. UNIMEDIA interviewed one of the students detained by the police, who reported on how they were subjected to strict customs interrogation. Subsequently, several people in civilian student who say he would be employees of the agency have intimidated students, warning them that "if they will be involved in the protests, then they will never be able to leave the country."

Also, our source reported that at the entry in Straseni, students were stopped by several individuals who took some information for some sort of documentation, then they were taken to Police Station, who asked to give their identification information and were forced to write an explanation.

Source: Unimedia


  1. Bravo pentru blogul acesta. Am forwardat linkul tuturor vorbitorilor din Statele Unite si Europa pe care ii stiu (cam 60 de persoane). Lumea trebuie sa stie ce se intimpla.

    Din Romania, numai bine, suntem alaturi de voi

  2. Scuze, am vrut sa scriu: tuturor strainilor vorbitori de limba engleza.

  3. mulţumim, nu ne lăsăm bătuţi...