Tuesday, April 14, 2009



This is the reality of the people, captured by policemen after the demonstrations in Moldova, for over a week.

Resident medical students that do their internship at paramedical services in Chisinau have confessed that they have been called to investigate the situation of the detainees at the Pricika Penitentiary.
What they found was beyond shocking!

Over 20% of the detainees, aged 18 to 24 were beaten to nearly dead stage, lying on the floor. THE MEDICAL STUDENTS WEREN’T EVEN ALLOWED TO OFFER THEM MEDICAL HEALTH!! These people were doomed by the cruelty of the system to die in the stench of the prison cells. The detainees who could still stand straight despite broken bones and mutilating bruises needed hospitalization emergently.
Besides being beaten, the young people presented signs of starvation and dehydration.

Since April, 7 over 800 citizens have disappeared all over the republic.

What should their relatives do?? Declare them missing..or just ask for help from the forces of order? Either way, they would appeal exactly to the same people who were ruthlessly, methodically turning the people they cared for into frightened slaves.

It seems like the Holy Week brings sorrow not only in spiritual way to all Moldova’s Christians, but it is also a week drenched in the blood of helpless victims inside the penitenciaries, where men and women alike are beaten, tortured and sexually abused.


PS: I don’t want YOU, the person reading this article, to donate money or give any material help. ALL I ASK YOU is to follow the destiny of this little country I am from. EVERYTIME you inform yourself on the events going on in Moldova, you give less chance for the dictatorial regime to act however they want in the silence and darkness of indifference of international community.


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  1. Sunt foarte interesat la situatie in Moldova. Sunt american care locuiesc in Japonia. Stiu foarte bine ca politicenii gubernului sunt borfasi si au furat ultima electie. Nu voi uita pe tinerii Moldovei si sacrifitia lor pentru la democratie. Ca in Romania, o zi va veni cand presiunii politiceni vor fi conuscuti ca heroii adevarati.