Thursday, April 16, 2009

Girls naked and humiliated by police


Three girls were arrested on the night after April 7, brought to the police station. They were naked and forced to make sit-ups and to stand in different positions in front of a group of eight police men. The lawyer Lilia Prodan informed everyone who was present at the seminar dedicated to the protests last week, organized by several NGOs and where different representatives of judicial institutions participated.

She said that three of the four her clients, who were arrested after the demonstrations on April 7, were subject to maltreatment from the police representatives.

Prodan also said that the youngest of the prisoners are starting to be released today. "Tons of arrest warrants were issued last week, and today tons of young people are released. This too fast of a process" said the lawyer.

She also informed that among those arrested following the protests there was a candidate from a political party’s list. And according to the Electoral Code, he could not be arrested because immunity due to his status.

Cruelties to which young prisoners are subject as a result of the events of last week are very much like Guantanamo, said Evgheni Golosceapov, the executive director of Amnesty International. According to data held by this organization, about 160 young people had been subjected to maltreatment by the police. "They were beaten, weren’t even given water, food, weren’t allowed to go to the bathroom nor had they had access to lawyers," said Golosceapov, stressing that "torture is a crime and a terror of state against its citizens. "

Ion Manole, the organization Promo-Lex, said he has information according to which Moldovan students who were traveling to Romania where they are pursuing their studies, were detained and taken to police station, where they were subjected to maltreatment.

Responsible for public order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Peter Corduneanu present at the event, denied the information submitted by NGOs and lawyers, but gave assurance that any abuse of police will be sanctioned.

Source: Ştirea Zilei

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  1. Doamne fereste! Uite pentru toti cei care au suferit, acest cosmar care este regimul actual trebuie oprit.