Wednesday, April 15, 2009

German Deputies Point the Finger to Voronin

“Voronin is directly responsible for the situation in Moldova”, declare the German deputies.

“His speeches on the evening prior to the elections, in which he stated that within the absolute communist majority foreseen to be built, any discussion with the democratic opposition would be usless, led to the last drop. The opposition parties got major obstacles during the election campaign and before it, being blocked their access to the public media, and their leaders were flooded with accusations by the law courts”, states one declaration of the social-democrats in German Bundenstag (Parliament).

The MP’s also ask for the immediate guarantee of the freedom of the press, and a detailed and fair report regarding the events during last days in Chisinau. “The problem of the recounting of the votes or of possible repeated elections must be openly examined. Apart from this, it is necessary to drop the charges on the opposition, according to which they would be servants of neighbour states and would have planned a coup d’etat”, the same statement highlights.

“All the actions against the European Union, as the introduction of the visas for the EU citizens from Romania, the expelling of the Romanian ambassador, do not lead to the de-escalation of the situation, but rather come in direct contradiction to the official statements of European integration of Moldova”, also state the German deputies.

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