Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Forbidden access to the young people tortured by the police


According to the law three authorities have the right to enter in the police sectors, in case of torture signals: lawyers of the tortured people, parliamentary lawyers and members of the Consultative Council of the Mechanism of Torture Prevention (CCMPT). Many of the young people don’t have access, the director of the parliamentary lawyers don’t offer any information (he declared that he has a contract with “Antena C”), and the members of CCMPT sustain that the police prohibits their access, which is against the law.

Vanu Jereghi, CCMPT Vice President declared today for The Guard Journal that he had interdiction in 5 police sectors from Chişinău, including to the Police Commissariat for seeing the torture victims. “Although I was invoking the law statements, police men told us that there is an order from above to not be allowed inside, eventually only accompanied by a civil servant responsible with public opinion sampling, but this fact is illegal” sustains Jereghi.

He declares that the unique institution where the CCMPT members have been allowed is Penitentiary no. 13, but problems appeared there as well. “We’ve been told that those that have made possible our access there will be punished. You see, in Moldova everything is reversed. Those that infringed the law and didn’t allow us to enter the police sectors won’t be punished, but those that respected the law and allowed us to enter and see dozens of cases of torture” says Jereghi.

Representatives of the civil society, such as CREDO and Amnesty International confirmed that the CCMPT members’ access to the police sections was stopped. The NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations) for Human Rights from Moldova declared that they will inform right away the international community about these abuses.

Source: Ziarul de Gardă

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