Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The CE (European Council) General Manager will arrive immediately in Chişinău


The General Secretary of the European Council issued a press release today declaring that he is very concerned about the detention of an important number of people after the last week protests. For this reason it disposes the immediate arrival of the CE General Manager for Democracy in Chişinău.

«During the last couple of days I’ve received very controversial news from Chişinău. In one hand, I’m encouraged by the proposals to verify the election lists and to count the votes. This should help to calm down the post-election controversies.

On the other hand, I’m very concerned about the human right infringement by arbitrary detention of a significant number of people, including children and by mass-media restrictions.

Based on these signals, I’ve asked Jean-Louis Laurens, General Manager for Democracy and Political Problems of the European Council to immediately depart for Chişinău and to prepare a report regarding this country situation.”

Source: Ziarul de Gardă

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