Friday, April 17, 2009

Beaten and Asked to Pay for It


The families of the detainees have to pay for the “feeding” of the detainees. A day behind bars costs 5.90 Moldovan lei. The policemen say the money represent the value of the meals of the daily “menu” in jail.

Evenimentul Zilei newspaper reporters talked yesterday with Ion Cretu, a young man born in december 1989, a time when Eastern Europe was overthrowing communism. After 20 years from those events, the student says the “food” his parents have to pay for consists of “sort of tea - plain water and trash good for pigs”. And a lot of beatings.
“ORIGINAL” JUSTICE - The more wounds, the more days in jail

After five days of detention, for student Ion Cretu came the moment of sentence. The detainees were split in groups and taken to the law court. There, their fate was decided without any of them being allowed to say a word. “They called us by our names, and the judge was deciding for each of us how many days in arrest we would get. Those with more wounds would get more days, to get out after they would heal. I got out, because I didn’t have too many bruises”, said that young man for EVZ newspaper.

Prison in installments

“I went to the police department, but they wouldn’t let me see my child. They only told me I had to pay 81 lei for the food they said they gave him up to that moment, said the mother of one of the young men arrested. They said that if I didn’t have all the money, I can pay by installments” said with desperation in her voice, the mother of the boy.

Ion Cretu was arrested on the 9th of April, being taken by policemen in civil clothes. He was thrown in a police car and there “meet” the policemen “efficiency”: “The driver was driving with one hand, and with the other was hitting me in the head”. Side by side with the “skillful” policeman there were other policemen hitting him in the head, stomach and liver.

Once they got to the police station, Ion got under another round of fists and feet. On the questionner’s door there was written: Rosca Dorel . Behind that door he received a “scientific correction”: “In order not to leave marks, they beat me with water bottles”. Then he was trown in the police cellars, in a cell of four square meters, together with 14 more people. “There were no beds, only one toilet, which was stinking, and the only water source was the one in the toilet”. Ion says he could not sleep the first night. The door kept opening every five-ten minutes: “Those moments were the most terrifying. Every time the door opened, we had to stand up. Those who could not stand up because of the beatings, we helped them to stand”.

The more wounds, the more days in arrests

All this time, Ion’s parents were looking for him in the whole city. They finally got to the police station’s doors. “They told father I wasn’t there. Then he told them he would go to report to “missing persons”. Eventually, they told him I was there”.

The deceased grandmother, waited to come and vote

Ion Cretu is determined to make a complaint at CEDO for the cruelty of the treatment the Moldovan authorities applied to him. He is convinced that himself was the victim of elections frauds: “When I wanted to vote in Chisinau, I was told that on that list I was recorded as “already voted”. The people there told me my grandmother was on that list, too, and she died several years ago. I am glad they resurrected her”, says with bitter humour Ion.

Another victim of the communists abuse is Anatol Matasaru, known for his peaceful single protests long before the elections, whom they took and who declared he is forced to kiss the policemen’s feet in detention. He also declared he was forced to give them his emails passwords, and when he was giving that statement to Jurnal de Chisinau he had obvious eyes bruises from beatings.

Source: Free Moldova

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